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Windows 10 playability?


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I have recently installed the game on my PC and it seems to work fine. I can sign into GFWL on the game and it all seems ready to play.


I have read that there is some issue with the 2nd mission cutscene not loading causing the game to basically get stuck. There are fixes of course but I’m not really that savvy when it comes to stuff like that. Has anyone been able to play through the full game on Win10 without any issues like that?

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Well it plays and runs fine, even got past the cutscene which supposedly others had issues with. However, stumbled into the issue of achievements not properly sticking to my profile despite being fully signed in on the GFWL client on the game which is frustrating. Got one achievement randomly to stick 10 mins after it popped in game so will keep trying I guess.


Edit: I came back to the game today and after signing into GFWL in game the achievements synced up. I played through the second mission unlocking 2 achievements which didn’t show up on profile so I quit the game and rebooted, signed in again and the 2 new achievements synced to profile. Strange but glad I can still go through game knowing I can get achievements to stick.


So for anyone wanting to know;


Yes you can play this game on a Windows 10 PC and get achievements

GFWL is pretty stable in terms of not signing out randomly etc (for me anyway)

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