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02) The Missing Forum Award Request Thread


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Profile: Lyrch


Award: Community Gaming Newbie


We usually submit new participants in community gaming at the end of the month. Once GSL is over we’ll verify all new participants and submit them for any earned community gaming awards. No need to request them. This was for past participants who are requesting the award. :)


Profile: Edword


Community Gaming Newbie


Got you submitted bud.

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Profile: Jardinho


Awards: Max Clubs Novice and 10 years XBA Tenure




Your Max Clubs Novice award is in the "Awards to be distributed" thread, just waiting on distribution when the next one happens.


For your XBA Tenure award, I don't see a sign-up from you in THIS THREAD. You signed up at 9 years but need to post there again whenever you cross a new threshold.

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So looking at the guide award tracking thread


Got the right number and assume I'm down for roadmap silver when get round to it, but perfect dark and cod ghosts dlc were both in the greenbook, so missing greenthumb I think?


You’re absolutely right. It was an oversight on my part. My apologies. I’ll submit for the bronze Green Thumb award now. :o


I’ll also change your tracking to reflect the Greenbook entries and award when I get to a PC. I’m not very intuitive when it comes to editing posts with bullet lists on my phone. It’ll be done shortly.



EDIT - Tracking updated. :)

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Profile: Mahtan Tinuviel



Guides + Roadmaps

Guide Award: Silver

Roadmap Award: Silver




XBA Blood Donor


The silver guide and roadmap awards were submitted on June 30. They are waiting to be handed out by bplayak. The guide tracking threads are updated at the end of each month with the guides written for that month, so your awards earned in your profile might not match the awards showing in that thread for a short time. Bplayak hands them out when he is available to. :)


For the blood donor award, you mean the one that was for December 2019?

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Profile: Watty8883


Gamerscore Award -1.00M

This player has joined the 1,000,000 Gamerscore Leaderboard!


Do I need to join the previous milestone leaderboards ? I am on the 900 k one but nothing before that.


There’s no need to be in any previous milestone clubs. We’ve converted the milestone sign up thread to accept award requests. You can sign up for the 1 million only or 100-900k as well if you want the awards. The sign up thread is in the Maximum Clubs & Leaderboards forum. Congrats! :)



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