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Unbreakable (Runthrough Video & Tips)


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[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KFk93yYqCr0]Observer - No Deaths Runthrough[/ame]


Quick run of Observer without dying for the Unbreakable achievement.


There are only a few sequences where you can die, the rest is safe unless you kill yourself on purpose, if possible. More info on the dangerous parts and some tips below.


If there is something I have missed, feel free to ask in the comments below. I will try to help as best as I can. Likes and shares are appreciated.


Helena Hack -


The actual danger starts at

when the enemy spawns for the first time. Best tip is not to rush and hide under the desks - you can squeeze in pretty tight under them. Listen closely for the enemy's steps and move only once you are certain it's moving away.


For the download part at

note that you can initiate the download, and then move under he desk - just keep holding the button and the process won't be disrupted. The enemy will disappear after the last download when the light vortex appears.


The trickier part is at

. Note that if you restart from a save, this sequence will change (at least it did for me in previous runs), so if you do that, my path might become useless to you. Run to the right of the field near the wall. Slow down once you are near a helicopter. Try to walk behind the helicopters following their direction.


Victor Hack -


The very brief danger starts at

. After you speak to the person behind the door and he says "He's coming!", turn back and then back again towards where the door was, then start running. The door opens outward.



there will be an enemy spawning and respawning in the forest. It can actually spawn behind you (happened once to me), which is why I walk at the edge to the right following the level barrier and looking to the left. You can hide behind trees - as long as you can't see the enemy straight across, it won't see you.


Adam Hack -


Danger starts at

, but the enemy patrols predictably counter-clockwise. You can follow it or use the shortcuts. Walk in its direction and hide in the vents. Keep a solid distance to avoid it seeing you if it turns around.


Second enemy at

also patrols in the same way. It actually always glitches for me - it stops right after a vent, which you can use to sneak behind. Once you exit from the other side, the enemy will be stuck in its place so simply progress to the next area.


Third enemy is at

. Exit and walk behind the second column to the right, where the enemy doesn't patrol. Wait for it to move out of the way and walk through, then turn right again behind the column. If the enemy is not near at this point, you can start running.



after you start the sequence, wait by the doors and run as soon as they open.


From then on it is safe to progress to the ending - choose either option and the achievement will unlock at the credits. Congratulations if you've made it!

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