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GSL Twist 2018 Looking For Teammates Thread


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Looking for a team. For fun or Competitive.

We gotchu.



Hmm... I'm also in the Seattle area not a Panthers lover though ( I do appreciate Mr. Newton though) I might be open to this idea. I could be good for 100 points or 100,000 really know way of telling. Thanks for kind of understanding my troll post.

I just brought it up since Carolina/Seattle play like every year now. Honestly, score whatever you score. We're not going out of our way here.

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Hey fellas. Just a reminder that messaging the people that are posting in this thread individually to join your team is a pretty successful strategy. A lot of people here may not end up on a team unless you invite them to your team.


Also, we've added an exception to the participation requirements that may work in some peoples' favor.


* EXCEPTION. If a team of 3 members can recruit a non member to join the site and their team, the post count and join by date tournament requirements will be excused, provided the team requests this exemption in their sign up post.
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