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How long is it?


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Well I see you're still working through it Phil (or maybe you gave up), but I'll offer my experience for the next guy.


Personally this game is the reason I bought a Jap xbox. I bought this game over a month before I imported my Jap 360 on the hopes it would be region free. I love From Software's stuff usually, I find it to be usually always fun but lacking the polish that Square has. Why did I tell you all of that? Because even playing in Japanese, which I cannot read, it only took me 40 hours to play through. That includes many hours of backtracking and talking to every single person in every town because I can't read my objectives ;)


Then I bought the Asia version (prior to reg1 release) because I found out that most Asia region games have menus in English. The game was just as fun the second time through and I got a lot more done in only 30 hours. So maybe you attribute the faster time to the fact that I can read it or maybe because I already know what to do where to go.


Either way for an rpg it's not particularly long, it's very linear, but nevertheless I had a ton of fun and will probably play the region1 version eventually.

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