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Does anybody know which toilet refunds 70$


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All I keep finding are cloth scraps. Anyway, here come the bugs. In the mission fairly early on in the campaign where you have to fabricate a bee suit and collect the honey there has been no prompt to collect the honey when i arrive at the designated spot. I've punched the area and jolly jammed my umbrella up and in about a million times into it and nothing triggers to extract the honey. I ran across the map to another tree and was able to gather the honey i needed but it did not count towards completing the mission. On my return to the original honeyspot (again way back on the other side of the map) I ran past the "Crazy Legs" mission spot and the "Quest Found" had displayed on my hub. I had already completed this mission and now in my journal it shows it as active and incomplete. So, for shits and gigs I attempted to do the "Crazy Legs" mission (AGAIN!!!) and the runner will not appear at anytime day or night. Sigh. Also in the "Mysterious Chest" mission where you wait a day and then go back to reopen the chest the game keeps suggesting that I keep waiting a day or two to return. After dozens of attempts back and forth from one derelict bed to another it seems that this mission is infinite in duration. By the time this is patched, I'll have lost complete interest. Also worth noting if anybody else is having these "issues" I purchased the digital download super deluxe ribbed version. Honestly the game may have done me a favor, the excitement of poking people in the head with an umbrella tip gets old real fast.

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I was excited about this game, until after I restarted the game once, and repeated the tutorial because I was making the game harder on myself by being drunk the first time...


Everything was fine until I apparently jumped into the wrong spot, froze the game, and essentially corrupted the entire save file. I put it down and just haven't felt any desire to try again...


My favorite part of the game was when it ended in two seconds based on a single decision I made... Mostly because it ended...

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