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How to Unlock All VR Missions (All NPC Locations)

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Hey guys, it’s rubhen here with a video for Naruto to Boruto; Shinobi Striker. This is a small video guide on how to unlock all the VR missions in this game.


You will complete the first few training missions and a couple Rank D missions at the beginning which are given to you automatically as you progress the start. Once people automatically stop talking to you and stop giving missions, well at this point you will have to find NPCs in the game and talk to them to initiate the story VR missions. Once you beat these VR missions that are given to you by the NPCs, you will have to come back to talk to them at which point they might give you another one or a new NPC will spawn on the map for you to find and talk to get a new mission. Once you finish all the missions that the NPCs give you, Naruto Uzumaki himself will give you your final story VR mission. After you complete that and see the ending, all other VR missions will automatically be unlocked for you to use at your leisure.


To make life easier for you guys I will list the NPCs in order and what missions they give you. Also I need to mention that the game can sometimes glitch and not spawn the NPC you need to talk to. If that is the case just quit to the game’s main menu and reload the save to spawn them.


Note: it also needs to be mentioned that the final A & S Rank missions can only be unlocked after you complete all the other missions. i forgot to mention it in the video.







1) NPC: Sakura Uchiha | Mission: Bell-Stealing Exercise - 1:22

2) NPC: Sakura Uchiha | Mission: Protect the Village Gate! - 1:31

3) NPC: Rock Lee | Mission: Free Practice of Passionate Youth - 1:40

4) NPC: Rock Lee | Mission: Steal the Forbidden Scrolls - 1:55

5) NPC: Gaara | Mission: Gamabunta in Peril - 2:02

6) NPC: Boruto Uzumaki | Mission: Destruction of the Leaf - 2:15

7) NPC: Boruto Uzumaki | Mission: Protect the Village Gate! - 2:30

8) NPC: Shikamaru Nara | Mission: A Tense Pursuit - 2:40

9) NPC: Choji Akimichi | Mission: Welcome to My Art Exhibit - 2:56

10) NPC: Choji Akimichi | MIssion: The White Army's Assault - 3:11

11) NPC: Sai | Mission: Hidden Leaf Forest Night Terrors - 3:16

12) NPC: Sai | Mission: Run! Choji Express - 3:28

13) NPC: Mitsuki | Mission: Storming the Akatsuki Fortress - 3:34

14) NPC: Tenten | Mission: The inescapable Water Prison - 3:46

15) NPC: Tenten | Mission: Team 7 Battle - 3:56

16) NPC: Hinata Uzumaki | Mission: Byakugan - 4:01

17) NPC: Hinata Uzumaki | Mission: Akatsuki Battle - 4:13

18) NPC: Sarada Uchiha | Mission: Checka-Checka-Check It Out! - 4:18

19) NPC: Sarada Uchiha | Mission: Kurama Battle - 4:30

20) NPC: Sasuke Uchiha | Mission: Uchiha Power - 4:37

21) NPC: Naruto Uzumaki | Mission: It's Training Time - 4:47


Hope this was helpful to you guys!



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