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Dee Jay's Maximum Club Max Out! (Solo Tournament Trilogy Round 2)


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Final Scores for Round 2:

1st. Necrophage33 ~ 10 Trilogy Points

2nd. Rapture639 ~ 8 Trilogy Points

3rd. Watty8883 ~ 6 Trilogy Points

4th. Hoebagger ~ 4 Trilogy Points

5th. The Duke of Darkness ~ 3 Trilogy Points

6th. Mrtclown ~ 2 Trilogy Points


Further breakdown: The XBA 2018 Solo Tournament Trilogy Link.


The Setup

This will be a solo completion "Sprint" tournament with a Max Club scoring system. Only games that are available on Xbox One and Windows 10 platforms can be used in this tournament. When a participant completes a game, they will have to sign up for the completed game in our Xbox One Max Clubs Sign-Up thread. This is the only way to score points in this tournament. When signing up for a completed game, Spotlight Positions may be available to the participant. These Spotlight Positions can earn a participant many extra points towards their total score. Take note that the final achievement in any game or DLC must be unlocked during the tournament. In an effort to hamper a 'pay to win' approach, only 1 ACA NEOGEO game can be used to score per participant. Once the tournament comes to an end, scores will be tallied and the participant with the most Max Club points scored during the tournament will be declared the winner.


For further information on the tournament's rules, it is highly encouraged to please click the link below, read and have a thorough understanding of the rules before signing up for this tournament.


Rules Thread Link


Entry Requirements

  • Your Gamertag must have achievements dated at least two years ago
  • Your profile on Xbox.com must be set to public
  • Your join date on this forum must be no later than September 15th, 2018 (if a subscriber, no limit)
  • You must have a post count of at least 5
  • Rule #1 on the Max Club Sign-Up Thread will not be in effect for this tournament.

Sign Up Thread Link


When does the tournament take place?

The tournament will run for 3 days, starting and ending in September 2018. Signups will be open today and close September 25th at 8:00 PM PT. The tournament itself will span September 28 (12:01 AM PT) to September 30 (8:00 PM PT). Countdown Link


How do I win?

There is no limit to what a participant can score, but it is Max Club points that will be used to score, not gamerscore or the number of completions. Once the tournament comes to an end, scores will be tallied and the participant with the most Max Club points scored during the tournament will be declared the winner. In the case of a tie, those participants will be thrown into a Sudden Death Round! As usual, Sudden Death rules will remain a secret until needed.


What do I win?

  • 1st Place = Forum Award + Game of their choice + XBA Controller Rest
  • 2nd Place = Forum Award + Game of their choice
  • 3rd Place = Forum Award + Game of their choice
  • A randomly drawn game prize*
  • Leaderboard Points in XBA's 2018 Tournament Trilogy

Please note that the randomly drawn game-prize will be from a participant pool who didn't finish in the top 3 or make it to the Sudden Death Round, yet scored 5+ Max Club Points. Also, please take note that game-prize will be of a physical copy and the base edition of the game.


The XBA 2018 Tournament Trilogy

Trilogies are all the rage these days, so let's make that part of our tournaments, too! This will be part two of three solo tournaments in our 2018 trilogy. Upon all three tournaments closing, a Tournament Trilogy Winner will be announced and a unique forum award will be awarded to that member! Also, working with our Max Club and GFX teams, the Trilogy Winner will also be granted the ability to create a multi-tier Challenge Club and accompanying awards!


XBA Tournament Trilogy Announcement Link


General Discussion Thread

It's important to have a bit of banter during a video game tournament. Some pokes here and some jokes there, but let's remember to keep it friendly Y'all!


General Discussion and Banter Thread Link


Thank you

A big thank you to everyone who was involved in this project, especially to our incredible Max Club team, and of course, to our members, who we hope to see score hard and win those forum awards and prizes!


A quick note on the controller rests we're giving away as prizes

These are a limited run being made exclusively for XBA and our tournament winners. 299 has a store on Etsy with many other designs and he does take custom requests. So, if you're not one of the lucky winners, you can still get yourself a consolation prize ;)

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