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08) The Xbox Live Tenure Club Sign-Up Thread


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1. You must have been a member of XBA for at least 1 month. You must also be an active user, and have 25 non-spam posts for ALL club sign-ups.


* Rule does not apply to subscribing members


2. Please hyperlink your forum profile in your sign up post as well as your Xbox Live profile page.


3. Your privacy settings must be turned off so we can see your profile.


4. You MUST link your Gamertag to your profile! To add your Gamertag to your profile go to User CP>Edit Your Details> Fill in the Gamertag field at the bottom of your profile.


5. Each Xbox Live Tenure Club sign-up thread will have example posts to guide you on how to correctly post your submission. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with these before posting to avoid unwanted delays.



How to Post Correctly



GT: [Hyperlinked Xbox Live Profile] To locate your Xbox profile please copy the URL https://account.xbox.com/en-us/profile?gamertag= and add your gamertag after the =


Forum Name: [Hyperlinked Forum name] To locate your XBA profile simply click on your profile name and "View Public Profile" to access your profile page.


Xbox Live Tenure Length: [displayed on your xbox profile page]


Xbox Live Tenure Clubs:


Tier 1: 5+ years

Tier 2: 10+ years

Tier 3: 15+ years




GT: M317

Forum Name: 299

Xbox Live Tenure Length: 11 Years

Tier: Tier 2

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All caught up and verified


All eligible sign-ups have been put forward for awards the next time they are distributed.


A couple of notes:


-fvkasm2x you forgot to link your GT. Once you edit your post and fix it I'll put you forward for the award.


-Make sure you are using this link:




and add your gamertag to the end of it. Use the "%" symbol if you have a space in your GT. Using the link from your GT home page takes me to my GT home page.

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