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Patch 1.05 adds cheats which do not disable achievements (like invincibility)


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On October 25th 2018, The Evil Within 2 received a patch which allows players to link a Bethesda.net account to the game. Once a Bethesda.net account is linked to The Evil Within 2, players will receive the following:


  • AKUMU difficulty (making a return from the first game)
  • Three gameplay related cheats
    • Infinite Stamina Mode (Sprinting won't consume stamina - may not apply in certain situations)
    • Super Strength Mode (One hit with any weapon will kill most enemies - May not apply to certain enemies)
    • Invincibility Mode (Renders you invulnerable to most damage - May not be effective in certain situations)

To receive these items, ensure that your game is updated to version 1.05. In the main menu, press :1x: and enter your email address to create a Bethesda.net account (or if you've already created an account before, simply log in). To enable the cheats, go to the options menu, and under general settings you can find the three cheats listed under the toggle for first-person mode. You can enable or disable these cheats any time you want while in-game too.


People have been reporting that achievements/trophies are unlocking with the cheats enabled, so this will make the achievement completion incredibly easy, and classic mode is now a cake walk. I haven't tested the full game for myself yet, but I had a nightmare difficulty save on chapter 11 which I loaded up. I enabled all of the cheats, didn't take any damage, wasn't instakilled by any enemy, and almost every enemy I encountered died with one bullet from the default semi-automatic handgun, aside from the chapter 11 harbinger boss, which took two bullets to kill (one bullet during phase one of the fight, and one more for the second phase).


Infinite Stamina might not apply during scripted instances where players are forced to walk, and Super Strength doesn't kill some of the semi-bosses or bosses in one hit (might take at least two hits, like the harbinger in chapter 11 as I mentioned above), though I'm not completely sure where Invincibility Mode wouldn't be effective. I'm trying to recall some of the instakill moments of the game (the section where the Watcher in the chapter 6 Marrow tunnels grabs Sebastian and you have to shoot it come to mind).

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This was a pretty easy 1k anyway, but with cheats it should be a breeze. You'll still have to play through it twice though as I think the first run is required to unlock the highest difficulty (I may be remembering incorrectly though).


Wonder what situations don't apply the invincibility (as it seems to say that specifically)? I recall at least one boss that had a one hit kill move, so might want to be wary and still make saves (especially on the run where you only get seven for the entire game).

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I started a new game on nightmare difficulty and enabled all of the cheats. After combing around for a little while I think I've managed to come up with a list of most, if not every situation where it's possible to be instantly killed, even with invincibility enabled.


Chapter 2:

- Once you see Stefano kill for the first time and the game introduces cover mechanics, it's possible to die if you leave cover here and Stefano sees you

- Guardian (red hallway, after leaving the vents) can kill you if you don't run away from it

- Guardian (same area as above, right after Stefano throws the knife at Sebastian) can kill Sebastian during a QTE sequence where you must tap the A button repeatedly. Failing the QTE results in death.


Chapter 6:

- The Watcher can kill you in the Marrow tunnels (like I mentioned in the OP) but not during the initial encounter where it's possible to sneak around it or fight it. There's a moment just after the initial Watcher encounter where Sebastian opens a set of doors, but one of the Watcher's arms grabs Sebastian from behind, and you have to shoot the Watcher in the face five times before it can eat Sebastian (this part has really weird sensitivity when it comes to aiming the pistol, but at least you have infinite ammo for a brief moment).


Chapter 8:

- Before the boss fight with Stefano in this chapter, there's a part where you have to stay out of Aperture's (the giant camera/tentacle thing) line of sight, represented by blue light. If Aperture spots you, then you have an extremely short window of time to get back in cover, but if you don't find cover then Aperture quickly squashes Sebastian in a cutscene, resulting in a game over.


Chapter 14

- During the confrontation with the Sadist (chainsaw wielding character), you have to run away. If you stand still or don't run away then the Sadist will kill you.

- There's a little QTE battle with the Sadist shortly after the moment you run away from him. You need to tap the A button to win the QTE battle or else you'll be killed.


Chapter 16:

- In the final boss battle, after you shoot off one of the boss' shoulders, there's a moment where the detached arm grabs Sebastian and you have to shoot the glowing spot on the arm four or five times to free yourself. If you don't do this in time then the boss will kill you (this is similar to the moment where you can be killed by the Watcher in chapter 6).


Chapter 17:

- Even with the invincibility cheat enabled, I still took damage during the final shooting gallery section with Kidman, oddly enough. It's possible to die here if you're a really bad shot or if you spend too much time out of cover, but you have to spend a LOT of time out of cover in order to be killed during this sequence.

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