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12) XBA Herald Club Sign-Up Thread


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The XBA Herald Club consists of 2 tiers: XBA Promoters, and XBA Representers. We also have a third group known as x360a Representers, which has been retired now. These groups are people who represent the website and spread the word in all kinds of different forms.


Welcome to the XBA Herald Club Thread (formerly XBA Ambassador Club)! This club is for members who want to represent the site on Xbox live! referrals from friends are a great way to grow the XBA community and we want to thank you for spreading the word about the site with some great awards!



As some of you have noticed, the XBA Ambassador program has undergone some changes. It is now called the XBA Heralds, and the award images have changed, but other than that it mostly remains the same.


We have made these changes to avoid confusion between the new XBL Ambassadors club and XBA Ambassadors, as well as the Ambassador staff team.


If you are already a member of the old XBA Ambassador program, you won't need to do anything, you will retain your Promoter and/or Representer status under the new Herald banner.


For newcomers wanting to join the Herald program, please follow the instructions in the sign up thread to apply.


To become a promoter, you MUST have a staff approved write up in your Xbox live bio. You can do this on your Xbox one console, or on Xbox.com. An example of such a promotional write up is "Visit http://www.xboxachievements.com for quality achievement guides, news, reviews and a friendly community.".


If you own an Xbox 360 and would like to include 'xboxachievements.com' in your motto, please feel free to do so. However, that on its own will no longer qualify for promoter status.


If you have any questions in regards to the new changes, please feel free to ask and discuss below. We look forward to seeing new faces join the Heralds, and appreciate your promoting to share our awesome site with others!



We appreciate everyone who spreads the word and if you love this site, why not help other people find it too?


Each Herald tier has their own respective forum awards which will be given to you once your application has been processed.


Are you interested in joining the XBA Herald Club? This is the thread where you should post your application. We will process it and be in touch with you.


An XBA Representer is a person who has "XBA" mentioned in their gamertag.

A Promoter is a person who has a staff approved write-up in their Xbox Live Bio promoting the xboxachievements.com


Please read these requirements of eligibility before posting an application!


  1. Must be a Member for 1 Month and have 25 Non-Spam posts. Gamertag must be linked to your forum profile at all times.
  2. No Gamesavers/Glitchers/Hackers/Account Traders will be allowed to represent XBA. ALL accounts must NOT be set to private or offline. If you're hiding your achievements, then I'll have to assume you're doing something against our site rules and you will be removed from the Ambassador program.
  3. Xbox Live profile must fall in line with the Xbox Live ToU, the Xbox Live CoC, and the XBA CoC. A certain level of professionalism is expected from those that represent and promote us, XBL profile content that breaks our CoC such as unnecessary use of foul language, "l337 speak", or anything meant to offend will only turn people away from XBA and could result in the denial of your application.


  • As always, we cannot stop you from changing or creating a Gamertag that has XBA in it. We hope you’ll take this matter into the correct procedures, as we would love for all to represent the site.
  • Any Members that have received Infractions/Bans in the past, may have stricter requirements.
  • Rules and Regulations may change without notice at any given time.


NOTE: Please keep your Xbox Live profile set to Public and not Private (Friends Only). We are spreading the word to everyone and not just your friends!


Do NOT post anything else other than an application into this thread. If you have anything to discuss, head over to The Official Herald Club Discussion Thread.


Here is an example of an application:


Applying for: XBA Representer

Username on the site: tigersrule

Current Gamertag: tigersrule

New Gamertag: Tiger XBA



Applying for: XBA Promoter

Username on the site: Spanish Assault

Gamertag: Spanish Assault



Of course if you are applying for Promoter you don't need the "New Gamertag" part.


Every application will be handled in time and you will be contacted once your application has been processed.



Please add a write up promoting xboxachievements.com in your XBL bio BEFORE posting an application for the promoter award!



Please only change your gamertag AFTER you have been accepted!


Regarding promoter bio write-ups:

Please add your write-up to your XBL bio BEFORE applying to be a promoter, if alterations are required you will be contacted privately by a member of the Ambassador Team. If you are unsure about what to write, or have any questions, please feel free to contact Spanish Assault or BluWolve for assistance.

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