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GSL 2019 Announcement Thread


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It's that time of year again. Announcing the 2019 edition of XBA's Gamerscore League Tournament! This year we are holding the standard GSL earlier to try to get it away fron the holiday season.


This wil be a standard GSL where we see which 4 man team can accumulate the most gamer score during the tournament. The team with the highest cumulative GS gained during the competition period wins. The competition begins on February 10th at 12 am PST and will run up to March 10th at 11:59 pm PDT.








Participation Requirements: Thread

Looking For Teammates: Thread

Signups: Thread

Discussion (and Civilized) Trash Talk Thread: Thread

GSL 16 Tracker: Thread

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PST is GMT -8, homie :) So wake up, have a coffee, and get scoring early. The Australians will be raring to go!


... I'll be asleep lol.


It'll be 3am for me, east coast time. Asleep as well :p


Jono, if PST time is used, just add 8 hours to it and that'll be your time, as Ruffus so eloquently put it. Parts of Australia adds 17 hours, so 12am PST is already 5pm Australia time. :eek:

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