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GSL 2019 Looking for Teammates Thread


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^^If you want to reform half of Team Sexy I can join:D


I was going to go for at least 25k this year but there's a possibility I may be traveling for work during GSL so I don't want to commit to a strong team only to let them down.


DEG, let’s do it, my man!


Where are Jack and Barad now...


If anyone wants to join DEG and I for a semi-casual run this year, shout.

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Good luck getting a negative score. Thanks to that year with a twist, my team already set a 0. Shout out to Frag for making it all possible! :p

I was only kidding, we're coming 1st. I don't know about DEG and Edword but neither myself or Bigg have played any of the ACA NEOGEO games. We'll both just play and complete all of them. I've already quit my job.

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