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GSL 2019 Looking for Teammates Thread


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That's a pretty strong gif game there. I say yes, of course, as long as the other two are cool with it. You, Frag, and I were all GSL 15 team mates! Dream team returning.


I do love me some Frags.


We should be called... The Buttmunchers :ass


I've been trying to get that team name to work for 5 years now and people keep shutting me down.

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Just so my team knows... I'm moving apartments Feb 15 so I'll be very preoccupied BUT I got a log of easy completions I can contribute some so don't worry.

Dawg, no worries, I'm not planning on burning through a bunch of games or anything. Just don't score 0:gsicon: (glares at Frag) and we're good :p I might try and hit 200k, not sure yet.


Lol a problem only Frag would have. He might as well make a new one just for this competition.

Imagine if people could make new tags for every GSL. I guess you could make a new one and save it for next year, but damn, that's dedication.

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