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GSL 2019 Signup Thread


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Please post below with your team name and all four team members. Please include both forum name and gamertag for each member in one post.


Signups open now and will stay open through February 7th, 2019. Closing at 12:00am PST on February 8th, 2019.


Please consult the Participation Requirements thread before signing up.




Participation Requirements: Thread

Looking for Teammates: Thread

The Discussion (or civilized "trash talk"): Thread

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Team name: The Golden Girls of Gaming




GT: bigbear XBA

Forum name: bigbear. (Dorothy) played by Bea Arthur


GT: oORuffusOo

Forum name: oORuffusOo (Blanche) played by Rue McClanahan


GT: Y2Kasper10

Forum name: fvkasm2x (Sophia) played by Estelle Getty


GT: LastLightLegacy

Forum name: LastLightLegacy (Rose) played by Betty White

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Team name: The Van der Lame Gang


"10:1gs: in the hand is worth 2 in your pants" -johnb


GT: AGGY RegulatoR

Forum name: Hawkings

The High Scorer: Jesus H. Christ! I had no idea you had 750k gamerscore! Bravo, lad!


GT: john kenobi

Forum name: johnb

The Courteous: This teammate displays fine etiquette at all times. I could learn a lot from this teammate.


GT: Scotty x360a

Forum name: Scotty

The Enigma: Rumoured to be The Hoff but my money says he's actually gamerscore addicted Fred Savage.


GT: DirtyI30

Forum name: Dirty130

The Peacock: Does what he wants, when he wants and can often be seen fluttering his feathers for no apparent reason.


GSL Approach: Casual

Nemesis Team: The Golden Girls of Gaming (Damn you, Bea Arthur.. I'm gonna mess you up real good!)

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