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I know this is a stupid question really, but i would like to know if anyone can definitely say for sure...


With these games being released by Nintendo Digital or whatever it is, is there any chance the Xbox Play Anywhere expands to the Switch too?


These games came out on the switch on the same day, If i could buy it on the xbox and play it on the switch it would be the tipping point of actually getting a switch, i would kill to be able to play these FF games at work..


I think it's highly unlikely as i dont think things like Diablo work that way, but then Diablo wasnt released to both consoles the same way these FF games are.



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My understanding of the Nintendo Switch merge is that you can stream Xbox games to your switch, unlike Play Anywhere, where you can simply play a ported version of the same game. I would not get too excited about playing it at work unless you just by it from the eshop.

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