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Official XBA Friend and Co-op Finder


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Do you want some good old fashioned box social fun? Are you looking for a co-op buddy? A group to casually pub stomp? What about a friend to tell your deepest darkest secrets?


Post your gamertag and what game mode you want to play below!


Remember, if you take initiative and message others either through private message or their Xbox Live profile, there's a higher chance you'll get a response post haste!


Are you looking to boost? Check out the Official XBA Boosting Session Information & Discussion thread!

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Hi i have just started the game on Normal and will be looking for Bottles and Gold Bars.Also any co-op Achievements i have mic and on most nights from 6pm UK time.If your hosting a game please send me invite or message me and ill set up a lobby i will be starting from mission 2.Thank you.



GT XSniperNinjaX please message me first before u add me so i know who you are. UK players well come and US ETC.

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