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We Happy Few / DLC: Roger & James Guide & Roadmap


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DLC: Roger & James in They Came From Below

Difficulty: 2/10

Time to 180:1gs:: 2-4 Hours

Unobtainable: None


Roger & James in They Came From Below DLC


Abbreviated Walkthrough:

This DLC is short add-on that takes place in 1962. While experimenting with her Portals, Dr. Faraday mysteriously disappears, and only James & Roger can find her!


As you explore your house, you discover that Dr. Faraday had many more secrets than either of you ever knew about...


The game is a short straightforward story in contrast to the open world sandbox style of the base game. There is no map, traveling, side missions, or ability to get lost. Other than finding collectibles and shooting barrels/headshots, all other achievements are directly related to events in the story line.



Achievement Guide:


http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/3406/169747-lo.jpg Shouldn't These Be Red? 15:1gs:

Destroy 50 Explosive Barrels


When you first receive the Ray Gun, there will be a quick tutorial about blowing up yellow Explosive Barrels. Keep blowing up more throughout all three Acts to unlock the achievement.





http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/3406/169748-lo.jpg Headmaster 15:1gs:

Get 100 Headshots


Get 100 headshots on robots using the Ray Gun. Just aim for the robots' single big eye. This is cumulative across all three Acts.



http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/3406/169749-lo.jpg Well-Read 30:1gs:

Pick Up All Lore Items


There are 34 notes scattered across all three Acts. You can check your menu to view all of the notes except for "Alien Glossary."


One thing to keep in mind, if you pick up a note and then accidentally go on Holiday, you will need to re-pick that note up each time as the game doesn't auto-save when Notes are collected.


Author's Note: I personally made that mistake with Note #29 (you will collect that note many times while trying for "Helter Smelter"). However, even though I neglected to re-pick the note up (and it was therefore missing from my journal), when I collected the 34th note, the achievement unlocked. So if you make the same mistake, you also may get lucky and not need to replay the game.


Intro - None


Act 1 - The Caves of Steel


1. Unvisited - Immediately after returning home and hearing the crash, run to the left side of the house to find this note pinned to the side of a wood pile.

2. Greenhouse - Now run to the right side of the house to find it hanging on a pipe inside the greenhouse.

3. Bee Cannon? - Run to the back of the house to climb up onto the greenhouse roof, finding the note inside a bathtub.

4. Apples - Enter the front door and look immediately to your left laying next to the fire.

5. Molecules - Head down the hallway into the kitchen. Turn around to find the note laying on the bed.

6. Flour? - Keep heading down the hallway, turn to your left at the base of the stairs to see the note on the wall by the broom.

7. Slide Rule - Start heading up the stairs, and turn around about halfway up to see the note by a suitcase in a tiny hidden area.

8. Numpty in Chief - Continue on up the stairs, head down the hallway to find the notebook on the transfer tube.

9. Basement - Turn around and head into Faraday's lab/office. After a short cut-scene, the note will be on the table in the back.


Act 1 - Stranger in a Strange Land


10. Melting Star - After stepping off the elevator in your basement, the note is directly in front of you on the desk.

11. Ray Gun - Head down the left side hallway (from the perspective of the elevator) and down the ramp, look immediately to your right at the bottom of the ramp.

12. Planet X - After heading down the elevator and triggering the alarm system, pass by the two laser beams, turn left, and find the note on top of the metal box.

13. Thiomotilene - Continue past the next two laser beams, turn the corner, enter the office, and find the note on the office desk.

14. Stimulus - After passing the wall of four laser beams, turn the corner to find the note on a small steel box.

15. Look Who's Talking - After completing the spinning laser room and heading down the next elevator, the notebook will be directly ahead on a cart.

16. Bootup - Head down the rest of the hallway, take the short lift up, and the notebook will be on the control panel.

17. Proud Progress - Flip the switch, head to the next section, walk along the pipes, and the next notebook will be on the next control panel (right side).

18. Striving - After the running scene, turn right, head into the dark hallway, and its about halfway down on your right side.


Act 2 - War of the Worlds - None


Act 2 - Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?


19. Alien Glossary - Go through the door towards the Reasearch Wing, and the notebook is on the ground under a large Red sign that says "Humans and Overseers Only".

20. Progress - After a short tram ride, walk down the stairs and it's on a metal box in the center of the area.

21. Curious - On the same table as the Curious Device.

22. Facility - After a short elevator ride, exit and turn right to see a platform of hanging boxes with a row of exploding barrels on top. Shoot the barrels then use the Curious Device to lower the next two cases, jump across, and find the notebook on the control panel table.

23. Vigilance - After exiting the gondola, it's right ahead of you on the ground.

24. Motilene! - After a short elevator ride and triggering an intrusion alarm, its on the ground in the round room.

25. Concerned - After passing a series of laser puzzles, it's on a steel box at the end of the hallway.

26. Room - After a short cut-scene, go left and through the door to find the note on the dirt floor.

27. Encouragement - Now go to the right side of the cut-scene room, through that door to find the note on a rock.

28. Consternation - Continue down the hallway, turning right, then right again through the door to find the note on a steel box.

29. Inquiry - After a short cut-scene with Dr. Faraday, head past the broken robots and the note is on the ground in front of the fan.


Act 3 - Childhood's End


30. Friendship - After jumping off the moving gondolas, look on top of a steel box.

31. Executive Committee - Progress forward, working through the boss fight and disabling the lasers. Then proceed straight forward, down a small hallway, to find the note on a white barrel .

32. Conditioning - Turn left, go up through the ventilation shaft, and after a short fight, proceed further to find the next note on a white barrel.

33. Abashed - After a short gondola ride, jump off, and it's on a box to your right.

34. Regret - After a fight and a cut-scene, go through the door under Faraday, down a hallway, and find the final note on the floor.


Thanks to Game Guides Channel for the video:


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http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/3406/169750-lo.jpg Metal Guru 15:1gs:

Kill 8 Robots in the Intro


The "Intro" is only a few seconds long, but luckily it's the first few seconds of the game, so if you miss this achievement, there's no problem, you can clean it up on a second playthrough.


As the game opens, you'll have a Ray Gun and see a town square full of robots attacking villagers. Shoot the gun aiming for the Robots' red eye. Once they notice you, they will swarm around you. If any of them touch you, the screen will start to fade to black, and the intro will be complete.


For the achievement you just have to kill 8 robots before the screen goes to black. If they touch you and the screen starts fading, you can still keep shooting.


http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/3406/169751-lo.jpg Poor Viv 15:1gs:

Complete Act 1


Story related, cannot be missed.


http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/3406/169752-lo.jpg Local Hero 15:1gs:

Save all the Villagers


In the opening scene of Act 2, you will be at the same scene from the original introduction prior to the flashback.


When the Act starts, in the town square there will be 6 villagers each being attacked by robots. Shoot all of the red colored robots as quickly as possible to allow the villagers to run away and escape.


http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/3406/169753-lo.jpg Queen Faraday 15:1gs:

Complete Act 2


Story related, cannot be missed.


http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/3406/169754-lo.jpg Deprogrammed 15:1gs:

Complete Act 3


Story related, cannot be missed.


http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/3406/169755-lo.jpg Helter Smelter 15:1gs:

Push 7 Robots Into the Smelter


In Act 2, during the mission 'Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep', immediately after collecting the lore note "Inquiry", the story will drop you down past a fan and through the incinerator room. In the center of the room is a fiery pit.


As the robots charge at you, click down :1rs: to push them away, aiming to push them into the fiery pit. If you start to get swarmed, the time stopping device is quite helpful.


http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/3406/169756-lo.jpg A Smashing Adventure 30:1gs:

Complete the DLC


Story related, cannot be missed


After completing Act 3, there will be a final boss fight against Dr. Faraday inside a large Headmistress. She has four health bars:


  • Bar #1: Keep shooting her in the monitor panel (the head), avoiding the ground when she electrifies it. When her chest opens up and shoots out a purple light, hide behind the raised boxes
  • Bar #2: Deal with the group of robots. Pull out the curious device, raise up the boxes, and use them to hide from the purple laser. Otherwise identical to Bar #1
  • Bar #3: Story plot will resolve this one
  • Bar #4: Identical to Bar #2, except she will occasionally shoot rockets. When those launch, stop time to shoot them down

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