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XBA Presents: The Fast & Furious


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Do you live your life a quarter-mile at a time? Do you know you should be double-clutching instead of granny-shifting? If so, then XBA Presents: The Fast & Furious could be for you!


Basic Structure

This will be a solo Gamerscore tournament with no restrictions. Any game on any platform that features Gamerscore may be used to score Gamerscore in this tournament.


Once the tournament comes to an end, the participant with the most Gamerscore will be declared the winner.


Rules Thread Link (Please read before signing-up for more detailed information)


Entry Requirements

  • Your Gamertag must have achievements dated at least two years ago
  • Do not change your Gamertag once you've signed up through to tournament end
  • Your profile on Xbox.com must be set to public
  • Your join date on this forum must be no later than September 1st, 2019 (if a subscriber, no limit)
  • You must have a post count of at least 5

Sign-Up Thread Link


When does the tournament take place?

The tournament will run for 9 days, starting and ending in September 2019. Sign-ups will be open today and close September 3rd at 8:00 PM PT. The tournament itself will span September 7th (12:01 AM PT) to September 15th (8:00 PM PT).


How do I win?

By attaining the most amount of Gamerscore during the tournament's start and end times.


Score Tracker Link


What can I win?

~1st Place = Forum Awards + 3 Tier Max Club*

F-F-B-Gold-32.png F-F-B-Gold-64.png


~2nd Place = Forum Awards

F-F-B-Silver-32.png F-F-B-Silver-64.png


~3rd Place = Forum Awards

F-F-B-Bronze-32.png F-F-B-Bronze-64.png


~Bonus, Randomly Drawn Game Prizes x4**


*Working with our Max Clubs and GFX staff, the winner will be able to create a personally themed 3 tier Max Club featuring up to 5 games in each tier.


**Please note that the randomly drawn game-prizes will be from a participant pool who each scored 2000:1gs:+ during the tournament. Also, please take note that game-prizes will be of a physical copy and the base edition of the game.


General Discussion Thread

It's important to have a bit of banter during a video game tournament. Some pokes here and some jokes there, but let's remember to keep it friendly, Y'all!


General Discussion and Banter Thread Link (Please discuss and ask any questions here)


Thank you

A big thank you to everyone who was involved in this project and of course to our members who we hope to see big and win those forum awards and prizes!

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