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Does anybody know how to access your games on GFWL?


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I had an issue with my Windows 8.1 laptop some time ago and had to reinstall it. As a result, my GFWL games have disappeared from my computer. I've reinstalled the GFWL client, but my games are no longer there. I'd like to reinstall games like Tinker and finally finish them but I don't think I can because I get an error message telling me that my purchases cannot be found. Is this the result of them no longer supporting the service? I had thought that we could still play our games, but are our purchased games lost in a situation like this?

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I had GFWL when I had Windows Vista. I played Halo 2, Fallout 3, Where's Waldo and Tinker on it. I completed Halo 2 and Fallout 3 and didn't care about Waldo, but always wanted to finish Tinker. I had the foresight to copy my save file for Tinker onto a USB.


When I got Windows 7, I could still download the GFWL client so I did and both Waldo and Tinker were available to me. So I redownloaded and started Tinker but my progress wasn't there, so I found the folder where the save file should go and copied the file I had saved on a USB into it. Lo and behold, my progress was restored. This was like 7 years ago.


I never redownloaded Waldo.


Every so often I start up GFWL to make sure that it still starts and that Tinker is still available. I did it over the summer and it was still good.


When I downloaded the client onto Windows 7, it showed that I had two games available. I think the reason why Halo 2 and Fallout 3 weren't there is because I had the discs and since they were uninstalled, they weren't available. I can check tonight to see if Waldo is still available for me to download, and if it is, I'll report back as to where I found it to see if it will help you out.

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Yep, it says I still have Waldo available to download. I have a shortcut directly to Tinker but also a shortcut to the GFWL Marketplace. That's where it lists everything available to me.


Clicked on 'download' and after about a minute it says that it cannot download it. So I'm guessing that the 'marketplace' is shut down.


Just loaded up Tinker and it plays fine. So I guess if you've downloaded the game you can still play it but if not, you're out of luck. :(

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