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The Best Convertible Hiking Pants For Men


Unlike the regular version, convertible hiking pants offer hikers flexibility through various terrains and weather. With this type of pants, you can switch between long pants and shorts, depending on your need. The weather is cold, or the trails are full of cacti? Zip on the legs to avoid getting scratched and cold. There is a stream to cross, or the midday sun is rather hot? Zip them off to turn them into shorts.


Finding good convertible pants can be challenging, though, among a wide variety of products available nowadays. Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered!


Here are our top picks of the three best convertible hiking pants for men.


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Top 3 Best Convertible Hiking Pants


1. Columbia Silver Ridge Convertible Pants


This Silver Ridge from Columbia brand is one of the best convertible pants. It is lightweight but, at the same time, very durable. It has an elastic waist to offer comfort for hikers, and zip shut pockets for secure storage of valuable things.


The best thing about this item is its featured Omni-Shade UPF 50 fabric, which will keep you safe under the direct sunlight, and Omni-Wick advanced technology for moisture-wicking and breathable pair of hiking pants.






  • Advanced-technology fabric to keep you dry and safe.
  • Zipped pockets for security
  • Various colors and sizes to pick.



  • The nylon fabric is not very stretchable, limiting your range of motion.

2. prAna Stretch Zion


With the Stretch Zion fabric mixed of 97% nylon and 3% spandex, this prAna Stretch Zion is relatively stretchable, offering hikers the utmost comfort and flexible range of motion. Moreover, the fabric is also durable, which can withstand any kind of weather.


This convertible hiking pants from prAna comes with mesh pocket for a lightweight pair of pants. To enhance the comfort for hikers, prAna incorporates a gusseted crotch system in the groin area, ensuring airflow and breathability.




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  • Stretch Zion fabric - Stretchable and durable material.
  • Rugged yet simple design
  • Gusseted crotch for breathability.



  • The bottom cuff is way too baggy for many users, might even get in rocks or bushes.

3. KUHL Renegade Cargo




With all of its features, this KUHL Renegade Cargo is among the best men’s convertible pants. The pant is made of KUHL Duralux (95% nylon 5% spandex) fabric, which is durable and breathable, with water resistant DWR finish. Thus, it gives hikers soft feelings on the skin and comfortable movement.


To top it over, there are plenty of cargo pockets to provide various rooms for essential tools. Meanwhile, there are also compartment pockets built inside those cargo pockets to ensure your valuable items are well kept.




  • Stretch Zion fabric - Stretchable and durable material.
  • Rugged yet simple design
  • Gusseted crotch for breathability.



  • The bottom cuff is way too baggy for many users, might even get in rocks or bushes.

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Final words


Above is our best convertible hiking pants review. Take your needs into consideration and check out our list, then we believe you can get the best convertible hiking pants for your upcoming trip.

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I've loved halo 2 since 2004, I have been pushed into a corner and forced to play halo 2 vista once the xbox shut down their servers... and now PC is doing the same....???? Why??? I don't understand....

I know there is a difference, but can someone explain to me how I am still able to play halo CE on PC w/ multiplayer? Will halo 2 have some sort of re-routing plan that will bring it back online like halo CE (on pc) ??

Please help.

Thanks for help!



Halo 2 Vista servers were reportedly closed in June 2013. It's been roughly 6 1/2 years. The original Halo PC servers were closed in May 2014. The Halo servers were hosted by Gamespy. The reason that there are still Halo PC servers is because an original programmer from Bungie and some fans submitted a patch (Update 1.10) to move the servers from Gamespy to somewhere else so they could be maintained independently. The patch also addressed other things. This is why Halo PC is still able to be played online.







Nothing like this was done for Halo 2 as the servers were hosted by Microsoft themselves. It was 343 Industries themselves that decided to close the servers for lack of a player base.


It's been 6 1/2 years since the PC servers were closed. It's been almost 10 years since the original Xbox servers were closed. The only way to play Halo 2 multiplayer is with the X1 Master Chief Collection.



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