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looking for guildmates - New guild AchievHunters


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After several top guilds repeatedly kicking me for being inactive every now and again because i do not live on this game i finally decided to make my own guild.


The aim of this guild is to complete tasks, get a bunch of rewards for all members and for it to be nice and casual. I do not intend to kick anyone who wants to be in the guild unless they are inactive for a month or more.


Requirements for the guild are to take part in events if you have time, has a level 100 requirement, 200 000 gold requirement, 100 trophy requirement and 1000 seal requirement. Fairly easy going objectives. Obviously if you want to contribute more that is more than welcome i usually put a ton more in each week.


If you are interested send me your invite code and be part of a fairly relaxed guild that will not just boot you if a new game happens to take your interest for a bit and you don't log on daily.

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