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Community Gaming FAQ and Discussion Thread


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Community Gaming Discussion and FAQ


Community Gaming is a great way to game with other members of the community and earn awards for your participation! Each month we'll have weekly and a monthly event. That's up to 5 events you can participate in a month! What Awards you ask?





Award Levels


Community Gaming - Newbie (1)

Community Gaming - Bronze (5)

Community Gaming - Silver (10)

Community Gaming - Gold (20)

Community Gaming - Platinum (30)

Community Gaming - Emerald (40)

Community Gaming - Diamond (50)

Community Gaming - Sapphire (75)

Community Gaming - Ruby (100)

Community Gaming - Opal (150)



Each award is earned by participating in a certain amount of events! The more events in participate in, the more awards you can earn!! We'll keep track of all your events you’ve participated in.






How do I participate in an event?


Easy. Just sign up for an event and participate in that event with staff, a subscriber or a herald. Each month we'll post up to 5 events you can participate in.



So how do I sign up for these awards?


You don't! Once you've participated in an event and are vouched for by staff, subscriber or Herald, we'll take care of the rest!



So how can I vouch for other members?


Easy, you can either sign up to be come a subscriber HERE or a Herald HERE. Once you've become one of those you can host events and vouch for other members!



What if you guys keep picking games I don't like? Whats up with you guys??


We do our best to try and include all sorts of games from all different genres but sometimes we're not perfect. If you think you have a great idea for an event feel free to suggest a event HERE!



So I counted all my games and you guys messed up. What gives?


Sorry about that. Feel free to request a missing award HERE or message one of us on CET and we'll get you taken care of.



I want Baby Yoda!


Umm that's not a question but if you're looking for that sweet Baby Yoda award, all you have to do is participate in your first community event!



But I've participated in multiple events already. Is all hope lost for me to get that Baby Yoda award?


NO!! We'll hook you up, just ask for the award HERE and we'll do the rest.

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