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Halo Infinite | Campaign Gameplay Premiere – 8 Minute Demo


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Now time for the Halo to go open world!! 🥳Biggest Halo game than 4 & 5 combined?! WOW!!!! Absolutely shook at the size of the Halo infinity.😲😲 The fact that graphic look absolutely immaculate for open world game will be 60 fps on the 2013 xbox one??? 🤨Now time for 343 to make dream Halo game that bungie has plan. From very beginning!!! To step back to the time. MASSIVE OPEN WORLD GAME. Make 100 times size of Halo 1 with the dynamic weather like bungie plan 20 year ago! Make wildlife all around the halo world!! Ride the wildlife!! like grunt ride the brute🦍. Massive sandbox environment choose the way to approach the enemy. I ride big sand worm or the thorn beast into the battles!🦕 Will master chief ride brute? make happen 343!😘 Halo infinity will be greatest masterpiece halo game all time!!! Absolutely the game of the year 2020!🥰🥰




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