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Estimated Time to 100%


Estimated Time to 100%  

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  1. 1. Estimated Time to 100%

    • 0-5 Hours
    • 6-10 Hours
    • 11-15 Hours
    • 16-20 Hours
    • 21-25 Hours
    • 26-35 Hours
    • 36-50 Hours
    • 51-75 Hours
    • 76-100 Hours
    • 100+ Hours

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Voting Guidelines & Information


  1. Voted time should be based on your own personal time spent working towards 100%.
  2. Do not vote based on a "fastest possible run", but rather your own experience in playing the game.
  3. Voted time should be in-game time spent, from first starting the game to achieving 100%.
  4. Do not vote unless you have played the game.
  5. Do not vote until you have dedicated a substantial amount of time towards the game.
  6. Vote with honesty and integrity.
  7. This poll is in relation to the base game only, i.e. if a game has DLC achievements, do not consider these when casting your vote.
  8. We encourage you to include a post in this thread once you have voted, to share your thoughts and the reasoning behind your vote.
  9. On-topic discussion regarding a game’s estimated 100% time is welcomed in this thread.
  10. Keep discussion civil and respect the views of other players, as per standard forum rules.

If this game has a DLC pack which you feel warrants Difficulty/Time polls, please refer to the following thread to request them (and find further information): DLC Poll Requests? Missing Polls? Post here.


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  • 2 years later...

A single victory took up a couple hours of my afternoon. Unless there's a massive amount of unlocks - that don't happen until you repeatedly fail - the 100 victories achievement is going to take someone dedicated to playing the game for a looong (hundreds of hours?) time. Even for one win on my 3rd or 4th try, it took fully knowing the abilities / bonuses of characters and if equipment stats were actually useful for a boss ahead. One wrong action can bomb your entire run.

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  • 1 month later...

I just got my 13th win. Only 1 loss which was my initial run, died on the 2 behemoth. Total playtime 73 hours, average 5.6 hours. Easily 500+ hours. I have a fairly good grasp on the mechanics now. My main picks are Spectre/Commando/Juggernaut/Marksman. This doesn't have permanent upgrades to make each run quicker, just minor perks that make very little difference. The basic +2 for using a card is way more useful in the long run.


What takes the piss is Steam doesn't have most of the time consuming ones. A future update (which includes more achievements) includes a bunch of options that speed up/skip alot of crap you don't need to see every run.

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