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Medals disappearing


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This has happened twice on my know. I played through the game on pilot difficulty. Played missions 7-14 over the course of one sat. After the credits rolled I received my skins for beating the story. Yet no achievements.


When I went back to the missions all the medals for the first 6 missions were gone. I played through the first 6 on story difficulty and picked up new medals. The next day I played a mission and when I went back to the menu after the mission ended they were all gone again except for the mission I just played.


I wonder if it had anything to do with not hitting next and just going to the menu. Frustrating for sure yet the game is still fun.

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I found this thread on TA. Not specifically for disappearing medals though.






Further down they talk about the medals disappearing on PC and that a patch went live to fix it. Hopefully that means consoles are next as they at least know about the bug. Really hopeful that the lost progress reappears but I doubt it. Means I'll have to beat it again. Good thing it's fun.

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