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Gem and Allcat Door Locations

The Pants Party

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Note: All of the collectibles in this guide are in the order I found them, so this may not be the most efficient way to go about collecting them. I also wrote them down in different categories rather than writing an inclusive "walkthrough" so to speak. Apologies for that. However, the game world is very small and after completing the story you can run through every location avoiding enemies, or use "Victory" option in battle to skip them quickly.


Note 2: I also took all these screenshots after collecting the gems, so the location of my characters might be slightly off from where the gems actually were. In some cases, I couldn't remember at all so I just stood in the middle of the room. You will always find a chest or see a twinkle on the ground though to help you find it.




Rare Gems


On the Road to Ikenfell, interact with the trees (which are already missing from the picture below) on the north side of the road where a brown path seems to dead end to reveal a hidden path with three chests on the next screen, one of which has the gem.




In the South Dorm, eastern bathroom. Inside one of the stalls.




In the South Dorm, western bathroom. Walk through the wall of the stall on the left.




In the Alchemy Lab, go through the invisible wall just above the pipe to reach this one.




In the Alchemy Lab, after beating the boss a new room will open with a shortcut to the other side of the building.




On the Ikenfell Grounds, one screen south from the western exit.




In the Forest Hidden Path. I'm unsure when this new path unlocked, but it was part of the story and you have to go through it.




In the Snatcher's Lair, there is an invisible path at the bottom of the screen in the room with the shop ghost and save cat.




In Twilight Yard, under a bench at the farthest SE corner of the map.




In Twilight Yard, on a stone just on the other side of the path from the entrance.




In the Astronomy Tower bathroom.




In the Great Hall, just in front of the middle table on the first screen.




In the Great Hall, complete the bathroom puzzle by opening the doors in the correct order marked by the pillars to reveal the chest.




In the Spirit Oval, eastern bathroom. Walk through the hidden path at the bottom of the screen which will take you into the locked stall.




In the Spirit Oval, western bathroom. Go into the middle stall, then walk through the wall into the right stall.




In Ikenfell Grounds, inspect the tree in the screen just south of the Great Hall entrance. It is missing from the picture below, but would be where by character is standing.




In the Oorchard, in front of the table in the center section. The path off the wooden walkway is hidden by a tree in the northern-most screen.




In the Dueling Class sauna room, in the top left of the water.




In the Southern Dorms, on the ground in front of the fireplace in the room next to Gilda's upstairs.




The last one is an automatic reward from the Gilda 1v1 boss fight. I did not even notice I received this during the story, so I did not get a picture of the reward screen, but it is unmissable.

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Shiny Gems


In the Cemetary, to the right of the Groundskeeper's Cabin.




In the Roost, inside one of the dark rooms after the water puzzle with two balls. I may have the specific location of the picture wrong, it may be behind the stairs. I couldn't remember, but it's in this room somewhere.




In the Dueling Class, to the left of where you fight the boss.




In the Archives, in the room where you first meet the owl, use a hidden switch in the upper left bookcase to find a hidden room behind the door in the picture.




In the Archives, in the room to the right after defeating the owl and just before getting the gardens key. I wasn't 100% sure on this picture either, but I think I was in the right spot.




In the Stacks, first room. I didn't remember exactly where in the room the gem was when I returned to take the picture, so it's just a picture of the room.




In the Spelltower, use one of the spaceship things to transport to the section with three chests just below. I took a picture in front of the spaceship.




In the Gardens, up one screen from the entrance behind the first plant on the right. I believe this is actually the last room you get into when doing the story.



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Sparkly Gems


In the North Dorms, behind a disappearing bookcase in the Giselbert Family Room. I am standing where the bookcase was.




Find Dancer the ghost in the Ghostly Grove. This is right where you started the game, though I'm not sure how far you'd have to progress for the ghost to show up. Could have always been there.




In the Great Hall, there somewhat hidden door after passing through the kitchen after red vines are destroyed during the story. I took a picture of where the hidden door is.




In the Roost, there is a somewhat hidden door in first room with water the blocking stairs. Then inside that room, go through a hidden wall path at the bottom to the sparkle above.




In the Forest Ruins, after defeating Ghost Legion there is a hidden path to the right marked by some flowers with three chests inside. I took a picture of where the hidden path is.




In Ikenfell Grounds, go south from the Library Traveler tree and then to a somewhat hidden path to the right (which is where I am in the picture) and then search the bottom tree on the next screen.




In Ikenfell Grounds, go east one screen then north one screen from the entrance of Dueling Class, then inside a small hut that requires the strength skill to unlock. I took a picture of this building. There is a chest inside.




In the Stacks, in the first room with the motion detecting eyes, a small room is behind a bookshelf along the top which is where I am in the picture.




In the Spelltower, underneath a disappearing statue in the room after the Traveler tree. I am standing where the statue was.




In the Allcat layer, there is a somewhat hidden door to the right of the traveler tree, which is where I am standing in the picture.



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Allcat Doors


Inside Stoc 'n' Barrel, in the first room on the screen to the right. (Kitty Suit)




In the Northern Dorm, bottom-right room in the main living area. (Kitty Tail)




In the Groundskeeper's Cabin in the cemetery. (Kitty Ears)




In the first room of the Great Hall. (Kitty Paws)




In the Roost, top floor. (Kitty Wand)



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