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Can’t progress Tutorial - Story Mode


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Having an issue in Story mode where I can’t progress past the instruction to throttle up.


I selected Imperial.

Changed control setup.

Press A to get in ship.

Press A to boot up ship.

Press LS to target.

Press RS up to throttle up.

I go nowhere.


I tried on default controls as well but still nothing. I also have played a multiplayer match and the controls work fine.


Has anyone encountered the issue and know how to fix it?

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I had a handful of bugs with the missions where the next objective would not register. I tried restarting check points and sometimes that worked. Usually I had to restart the whole mission. The part where I have to chase the fighter in the prologue it would just sit in the tunnel area. I could kill it down to one health and it would regenerate. 

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I eventually did find a workaround, so if anyone else has the issue here is what i did to make it work;



Press pause and navigate to control options. All the way at the bottom is "Game Pad Throttle Input Mode". Change that from dynamic to static and you should then be launced forward out of the hangar. Then press pause and change it back to dynamic.


Hope this helps!

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