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Event of the Week: January 25-31 (Scavenger Hunt)


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To participate in this event, simply unlock the listed achievement or help someone unlock the achievement during the dates listed and you'll be verified and vouched for in the appropriate thread.



Please post your forum name, GT, and achievement unlocked. If another member helped you unlock the achievement list them with your signup as well.



Example sign up:


Forum Name: Carmona

Gamertag: Carmona25

Achievement: Scholarly Pursuits (Anthem)

Co-op partner(s): oOruffusOo, DirtyI30




If you are interested in playing with XBA members, please post in this thread and check back often for members wanting to play throughout the week. Also be sure to occasionally check XBL status of members that have posted so that you can send them messages over Live to see if they're available to play. Replying in this thread or sending them a PM are also great ways to arrange a session. Staff members, Subscribers and Ambassadors will be hosting games during the week, posting when they're available and may even create sessions using XBA's MySessions to increase participation. If you'd like to host games yourself, by all means, please do so.


Please Read:



Note 1: Community Events staff will verify all signups. Incorrect sign ups will be deleted. make sure your profile is set to public.


Note 2: Posting here looking for co-op partners or multiplayer sessions for achievements or fun is perfectly fine and encouraged, as is a general conversation about the event game.


Note 3: Play nice with other members during multiplayer events, please.



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