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Achievement Unlocked: February 2021

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New Full Achievement Guides & Roadmaps


Alien: Isolation (W10) - LickableLemons7 (NC)

Call of the Sea (W10) - Necrophage33 (NC)

Code Vein (W10) - Puppys (NC)

Control (W10) - Redemption Mode (NC)

Control Ultimate Edition (X1) - Redemption Mode (NC)

Darksiders: Genesis (W10) - The Pants Party (NC)

DOOM Eternal (W10) - Scotty (NC)

Fallout 76 (W10) - The Pants Party (NC)

Final Fantasy VII (W10) - The Pants Party (NC)

Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age (W10) - The Pants Party (NC)

GreedFall (W10) - Scotty (NC)

Hitman III (X1) - Necrophage33

How to take off your Mask Remastered (X1) - bLaKgRaVy

Microsoft Mahjong (Mobile) - Necrophage33

Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition (W10) - The Pants Party (NC)

The Medium (XSX) - Redemption Mode

The Surge 2 (W10) - The Pants Party (NC)

The Talos Principle (W10) - Necrophage33 (NC)

The Talos Principle (X1) - Necrophage33

Werewolf: The Apocalypse (X1) - Redemption Mode

Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair (W10) - Necrophage33 (NC)



New DLC Achievement Guides & Roadmaps


Control / DLC: Altered World Events (W10) - Redemption Mode (NC)

Control / DLC: The Foundation (W10) - Redemption Mode (NC)

Fallout 76 / DLC: Wastelanders (W10) - The Pants Party (NC)

Hitman III / DLC: HITMAN (X1) - Necrophage33

Hitman III / DLC: HITMAN 2 (X1) - Necrophage33

Hitman III / DLC: HITMAN 2 Expansions (X1) - Necrophage33

Minecraft Dungeons / DLC: Howling Peaks (X1) - UntilTammaroYT

The Surge 2 / DLC: The Kraken (W10) - The Pants Party (NC)

Totally Reliable Delivery Service / DLC: Secret Bear (X1) - UntilTammaroYT



New Xbox One Games


3 out of 10: Season One

Aery - A Journey Beyond Time


Anodyne 2: Return to Dust

Arkham Horror: Mother's Embrace

Asdivine Cross

Baobabs Mausoleum Grindhouse Edition - Country of Woods and Creepy Tales

Beyond Enemy Lines - Remastered Edition

Black Legend

Blizzard Arcade Collection

Boom Blaster

Can't Drive This

Cave Bad

Demon Hunter: Revelation

Doodle Devil: 3volution

Dreaming Sarah

Dungeon Defenders: Awakened


Escape from Life Inc

Explosionade DX

Firework - a modern tale


Get 10 Quest


Heaven Dust

Heavy Metal Machines

Horned Knight

Journey of the Broken Circle

Katana Kata

Kaze and the Wild Masks

Kick it Bunny

Kill It With Fire

Killer Queen Black

King of Seas

Knight's Retreat

Little Nightmares II

Mail Mole


Persian Nights 2: Moonlight Veil


Retrace: Memories of Death

Risk System

Rodent Warriors

SELF: Where's my father

Sir Lovelot

Space Otter Charlie

Spooky Chase

Stubbs the Zombie in Rebel Without a Pulse

Taxi Chaos

The Angry Video Game Nerd I & II Deluxe

The Lost Cube

The StoryTale

The Wild Eight


UltraGoodness 2

Under Leaves

Under the Jolly Roger

Void Gore

Warrior Boy

Werewolf: The Apocalypse - Heart of the Forest



New Xbox Series X Games





New Windows 10 Games


Castle of no Escape (W10)

Code Vein (W10)

Cricket 19 (W10)

Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age (W10)

Ghost of a Tale (W10)

Wreckfest (W10)





Eternal Card Game / DLC: Buried Memories (X1)

Fantasy General II: Invasion / DLC: Empire Aflame (X1)

Fantasy General II: Invasion / DLC: Evolution (X1)

Fantasy General II: Invasion / DLC: Onslaught (X1)

Minecraft Dungeons / DLC: Flames of the Nether (X1)

Moving Out / DLC: Movers in Paradise (W10)

Moving Out / DLC: Movers in Paradise (X1)

Overwatch Origins Edition / DLC: Year of the Ox (X1)

Project CARS 3 / DLC: Legends Pack (X1)

Project CARS 3 / DLC: Power Pack (X1)

Project CARS 3 / DLC: Style Pack (X1)

Project CARS 3 / DLC: Title Update (X1)

Project CARS 3 / DLC: Title Update 2 (X1)

Project CARS 3 / DLC: Title Update 3 (X1)

RIDE 4 / DLC: Italian Style Pack 1 (X1)

Sid Meier's Civilization VI / DLC: Barbarian Clans (X1)

Smite / DLC: Goddess of the Salt Sea (X1)

Space Engineers / DLC: Frostbite Pack (X1)

Train Sim World 2 / DLC: SouthEastern High Speed (X1)

Transformers Battlegrounds / DLC: Shattered Spacebridge (X1)









Redemption Mode


The Pants Party


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