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900K for Kasper


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Hit the 900k mark last night playing Battlefield 4



Had the huge jump from 800k to 900k because of that stupid Xbox HOF tourney that they screwed up lol



Hit the milestone by doubling up Battlefield 4.

Played it on both 360 and XB1



The worst game I played for the milestone was Rec Room.  What utter garbage.


The best game I played was Destiny 2, although multiplayer in Crucible would've been more fun if there were a tutorial somehow of how to make your charaters more powerful.  I never did figure out the class perks along with weapon secrets as well as I'd liked.  I was often going like 8 kills, 10 deaths in MP matches while guys were going 35-5 and killing me with 1 shot.  I'm not that terrible at FPS and those games, slaying at COD games... so it was just figuring out the traits and tricks.  Although the jumping mechanics and aerial stuff is a noted weak spot of my Destiny game

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