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Achievement Walkthrough

The Pants Party

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Hi all, this is just a quick bullet point list of what to do and where to go to ensure you don't miss any achievements in this episode. I didn't make it very detailed, but you can check the Achievement Guide for some more info on the achievements. If you follow along with this though, you should be good to go!


-Grab the grenade and kill the wolves with it for "Survivor"

-When you are sent to Junk City, return inside the house and speak to Ayaka before leaving Ghost Town (Aunty, Part 1)

-Outside Ghost Town, stand in the wind to unlock "Always There for You"

-After getting to Junk City, sell Battle Gloves for "Reckless"

-Talk to Kid next to the snowman (Kid!, Part 1)

-After getting the Fire Orb Fragments, try to sell them for "Scammer"

-Return to Ghost Town and sleep in the bed for "Freebie"

-Go up the hill in Ghost Town to speak with Ayaka near the flowers (Aunty, Part 2)

-Outside Junk City, light the red beacon and head south to light a second. Return to Junk City for more fragments.

-Light the three beacons to the north, and defeat the goblins in each alcove. Return to Junk City for more fragments.

-Light the final beacons to unlock "And there was light" and fight the Goblin Leader, use the final fragment in battle to unlock "My precious..."

-Return to Junk City to find soldiers have appeared, talk to everyone and save your game.

-Leave Junk City and stand in the wind to die and unlock "Not always there for you"

-Reload your game and head to Ghost Town to save and recruit Ayaka to unlock "Aunty!?" (Aunty, Part 3)

-Go back toward Junk City, talk to the girl near the beacon and then the Elder in the city. (Daichi, Part 1)

-Head north through the winds to the Ice Lair.

-Go into the Sewers first and release Daichi (Goblin Jailer is all the way to the right, closest to the screen).

-Read all parts of the note inside Daichi's cell to unlock "Bookworm" (press Up) (Daichi, Part 2)

-During the Executioner fight, kill all 12 Goblin Archers before killing the boss to unlock "Goblin genocide"

-Return to Junk City and talk to Kid to recruit her and unlock "Kid!"

-Leave Junk City for the forest, then immediately backtrack to the section between the City and Ghost Town. Inspect the staff here to unlock "Elder, forever..." (Daichi, Part 3)

-Inside the forest, make your way to Area F (you'll see letters on the pole in each intersection).

-Head south from F to find the elf village for "ELF Found!" (can save and heal here)

-Head back to F and head north to defeat the mech for "YOU, again?"

-Head back to F and head east to defeat the snow dragon for "Dragon slayer"

-Somewhere along the way here, you should have used your AR goggles enough to unlock "A.R. Junior," reached Level 6 to unlock "I'm REALLY angry," got enough money for "1000+ credits," and done a strong enough attack to unlock "500+ HP damage" - if you don't have any of those, make sure you backtrack now to complete them before proceeding, or keep a separate save file to work from.

-Follow the ruins to complete the story and unlock "The encounter" and "All cleared!"

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Might be worth mentioning that you need to have all 5 of the beacons lit at the same time for And there was light.  I didn't get it on my first try and I assume this is because some of the beacons went out and I didn't relight them.  Making a save when you do Freebie can act as a good checkpoint for this achievement.

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