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Zombie Army 4 / DLC: TU 7: Hell's Cauldron Guide & Roadmap


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DLC: Title Update 7: Hell's Cauldron

Difficulty: 3/10

Time to 10:1gs:: 1-2 hours

Unobtainable: None



Title Update 7: Hell's Cauldron DLC


‘Hell's Cauldron’ is the tenth horde map for Zombie Army 4: Dead War. It was made available as a free title update in October 2021. As with the other horde maps, you can play this solo or with up to three teammates.




Day Trip to Purgatory 10:1gs:

Complete 12 consecutive Waves and escape from the Horde Map "Hell's Cauldron".


From the main menu, select ‘Horde’. On the next screen, the next selection depends on if you are playing solo or with a group.

·         If playing solo, select the map ‘Hell's Cauldron. Choose the starting wave (should be Wave 1) and whichever difficulty and enemy setup you prefer. Press :1y: to ‘Continue’ to set up your character. When you are ready, press :1y: to ‘Start Game’.

·         If playing with others (and hosting), select ‘Host’. On the next screen, select the map ‘Hell's Cauldron’. Choose the starting wave (should be Wave 1) and whichever difficulty and enemy setup you prefer. For player slots, you can make them private if inviting friends or public to allow people join your game. Press :1y: to ‘Create Game’. On the next screen, invite players and when all are in the game and their characters are set up, press :1a: to ready up then :1y: to start the game.


Note that this achievement will unlock for all participants provided that they were in the lobby before you started the game. If someone joins afterwards and you do not play past Wave 12, they will not unlock the achievement. Refer to “Not today you won't” in the main guide for more information and strategies about this mode.


It is recommended that if playing co-op, you have up to three teammates to make this as easy as possible. The suggested difficulty is ‘Easy’ and enemy setup is ‘1-player’. As you complete waves, you receive a small amount of XP, and as the waves increase, more difficult enemies will spawn. Survive until you have completed Wave 12 and you will have the option to escape. When you and your teammates (if any) do, the achievement will unlock.

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