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RoadRunnerXS's General Games/TV show Commentary


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Hi, so you might've entered this thread thinking it would be about achievements. But truth be told, I'm not much of an achievement hunter. I was heavily into hunting trophies on PS3 and PS4 and I just recently decided that I would get an Xbox Series S and move away from hunting. So I am sort of retired from hunting trophies/achievements. 


The purpose of this thread is for me to discuss games that I am playing and offer a little commentary on what I think about them, and also to have discussions with others in this community and get to know everyone here! I have spent most of my gaming career on Playstation, but the allure and price of the Series S has drawn me to Xbox for this generation. 


A little about me:


My favorite games (in no particular order):

Pokemon Crystal

Dragon Warrior Monsters

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Fallout 3

Apex Legends

The last of Us Part 2

Sunset Overdrive

Doom (1993)


Favorite TV shows:

The Walking Dead

Game of Thrones

Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul

Everybody Loves Raymond 



Favorite Music:

Christian Rock Music (I am fairly religious - love God/Jesus with all my heart, mind and soul).


So anyway, I figure I will post in this thread about different stuff. Most of my post will probably be about video games but I will probably post some stuff about movies and TV shows too. I am sort of new to Xbox. I didn't get my Series S until March this year and I mostly play game pass games.


I'm hoping to make some new friends here! Don't be afraid to send me a friend request on Xbox: GT- RoadRunnerXS.


See ya around.




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Quick thoughts on the little bit of Halo Infinite that I have played:


The combat is amazing! I'm working on getting my controller settings right, as it feels like no matter what I do, my response curve is either too high or too low. I love the maps I have played on so far. They seem to be perfect for encounters and I have found a few sneaky places to either snipe people from or flank teams. I'm still getting used to it, but I can see this as something that I will play for a good while.


I'm also playing Forza Horizon 5 (LOVE IT) and it is probably the best racer that I have ever played.... Enough said. :p

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15 hours ago, Burning Karma said:

Welcome! How has switching from the PlayStation ecosystem to the Xbox one been?


It was an easier transition than I would've thought! So far I love my new Xbox Series S! Gamepass has been amazing at allowing me to play a bunch of games despite not owning very many. I have a list of like 60-70 gamepass games that I want to play, so there's no shortage of stuff to do. Probably the best deal in gaming, and the Series S was a great deal too. I'm looking forward to Starfield and whatever else microsoft and Bethesda studios releases. Until then, I have a huge backlog of Microsoft published games from past generations to tide me over. I want to play all of the Gears and Halo games, Recore, Quantum Break, Zoo Tycoon, etc.


Right now I'm kinda switching back and forth between Halo Infinite, Forza Horizon 5 and Football Manager 2022 (since it just came to gamepass). 

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Yeah, Gamepass is a terrific value for someone who hasn't never been in or away from the Xbox ecosystem. Even as someone who's had an Xbox as my main console since the 360 days, I like having it for the indie gems I'd never check out otherwise but also for the heavy hitters (Gears 5, Halo Infinite).

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Some thoughts on My Friend Pedro:


I started this game since it came to game pass. Going in, I had no idea what to expect.... But I am pleasantly surprised by this game. It is a side-scrolling shooter with dual-wielding weapons and rolling/dodging abilities. It also includes the feature to slow down time, which is nice for pulling off tricks. Nothing beats doing a backflip off a ledge and then shooting someone through a glass window while upside down. 


I've heard this is a shorter game, but it is a little longer than I thought it would be. I just beat the second boss and am in some sort of weird world where the ground disappears when you jump on it. When I first started playing, I thought: "This must be all the game has to offer." after I beat the first boss but the game continued and made things fresh with new ideas. In some levels you can ricochet bullets, and there's a motorcycle chasing section.


My only small gripe about the game is that I didn't really enjoy the second boss. Thankfully there was an easy way to beat him. But the game more than made up for it in the next section. All-in-all, it's a great game and I look forward to finishing it! 

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