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Where to find Extra Lives


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There isn't much in the way of guides available for this game. One thing that helps in your efforts is to know how to get extra lives. So, I'm taking note of where in this game I found the Extra Lives. Those are the round Collectibles with Rocket Knight's face on a black background. They will increase your current number of lives (visible as 'x?' below Rocket Knight's face on the top-left corner). You lose a life when you lose all your hearts, upon which your hearts are refilled and you respawn at the last checkpoint you hit. Gathering all gems of either color give you an extra life as well. If you collect all gems of both colors you get two extra lives.



1.1 - Countryside

  • Straight up right at the beginning of the level.
  • High up in the trees, shortly before the large wooden structure you enter.
  • Late in the level, to the bottom-right of the huge crane.


1.2 - Tree Tops

  • Around 2:45, on the top-right platform of a series of three platforms with rocket-shooting wolves.


1.3 - Zephyrus City

  • In the second part of the level, you're in a large treehouse-like structure. In the bottom-right corner of that, just before stepping on the first rope-powered elevator.
  • In the fourth part of the level, right after the Board in the background saying "B when rail hanging to Rail Spin", jump into a gap in the ceiling, and Rocket Burst diagonally to the top.


1.4 - Forest Shredder




2.1 - The Counter Attack

  • Early on in the level, on top of the shipmast.
  • After destroying the rocks to reactivate the machine to power a lift, ride the lifts to the top, then go left and drop down.


2.2 - Airship Armada

  • Around 1:15, hidden behind a low-hanging cloud. 


2.3 - Wolf Fortress

  • At the start of the level, after clearing the first obstacle, Rocket Burst diagonally to the top.
  • After climbing several rotating wheels, when you Rocket Burst diagonally against a moving wall. Turn back left, jump on the moving wall, and then Rocket Burst further left.


2.4 - The Wolf King

  • None.



3.1 - Pig Bunker

  • In the large area filled with hot orange pipes, after Rocket Bursting diagonally upward against a number moving platforms, and after sliding on a few rails, go right (instead of left). There is a dead end with a few gems and an Extra Life.
  • In clear view, when going through one of the teleporters later in the level. Drop down from the lever, if you Rocket Burst upwards you can avoid damage from the orange.


3.2 - Syberswine Labs

  • After clearing the section with a lot of moving platforms and laser barriers, Rocket Burst to the top left side of a large area, to reveal a small room.
  • In clear view, in the sequence where you run right to stay ahead of moving laser barriers. 


3.3 - Axel Gear

  • None.



4.1 - The Pig Fleet

  • Around 2:45, right after the large ship in the background, embedded in a minefield.


4.2 - Enslaved City

  • When climing upwards in the first area, stick to the left side, and jump up high from the blue bar. 


4.3 - Final Boss!


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