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Completion Summary

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Time to complete:  25-30 hours

Difficulty: 5/10


Very similar overall to the other MXGP games in terms of what is required to complete it. this does have a few career achievements unlike last year. Milestone certainly has a cut and dry method to making achievement lists. You need complete a season of MX 2 and MXGP. Which is 48 races total. You need to win the MXGP, the second season you play, for an achievement. In the process you will need to win 3 duels in which I believe 6 happen in the natural course of both seasons. You will also need to win 20 Grand Prixs to unlock all the career challenges. You will need to complete all 10 for an achievement. There are only 2 of any real concern, which is win a specific race on hard and a different specific race on realistic. The rest are on medium or lower or are mostly pretty easy time trials. You must get a 3rd or better finish for challenges to count as completed. For the hard and realistic races you can abuse the rewind feature. Also work on getting good at cornering and maintaining speed. I barely got through both races in third place by the skin of my teeth.


The rest of the achievement list is the normal stuff milestone puts in it's racing games. A bunch of meaningless one off achievements like using the rewind feature for the first time. You can cheese the various achievements like Full weekend, advanced physics, not falling/rewinding with the easy exp tracks people post online. Make sure to win a grand prix (you can set it to 1 race) on all the listed tracks. Otherwise it's just a grind to get level 100 which can be grinded on easy xp tracks. I would do custom championships of atleast 4 because you get an additional 15,000 xp for each race once you complete the championship.



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