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First kill and Do 10 tasks will not unlock.

Lord Brutality

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On 12/16/2021 at 7:48 AM, Lord Brutality said:

I linked my Xbox account to my existing Among Us account on Steam and now these achievements will not unlock.

I've unlocked achievements that should be after, like get 5 kills, but am unable to unlock these.


4 hours ago, olvias said:

I faced with similar issue recently


Seems to be a common issue, where if you play on a different platform and then link to your gamertag, it causes some achievements to glitch and not unlock. 


It looks like the solution for this is to delete your save data on your console. Make sure you delete your save data from everywhere (not just locally). Launch the game then, and relink your gamertag with your existing accounts. You may need to meet the requirements again, but at least the achievements don't take that long to redo. 

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