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LOST: Via Domus

Achievement Guide


[Khaos created a thread concerning the order of the achievements, So I figured it would be nice to have a walkthrough type Achievement Guide, Plus I needed more space to add more detail to the achievements and to smarten things out, So here we are.]


This is an achievement guide is like no other, It's linear and easy to follow, do it as written and you'll get 1000 in 6/7 hours and one play-through.



When you take the photo do not talk to anyone until you find all 3 of the memory items. When you have all 3 items you will get the achievement, then you can talk to them.


Episode 1



Crash Survivor - 25 G

Complete Episode 1

[As soon as you wake up in the jungle, get your bearings and look for a woman. Follow her and you will soon find Kate. Talk to her and you have your first flashback]


http://www.xbox360achievements.org/images/achievements/411/-8ERdw==.jpg815 - 20 G

Discover all the memories in Flashback 1

Take a photo of Kate being handed the bottle of water, Examine the following;

First look downward towards your feet. You will notice there is a backpack.

Further to your left, on top of the seat divider are strips of photos.

If you then look up slightly there will be a magazine.


[Talk to the hostess. You will return back to the island and speak with Kate once more, She will point you in the correct way, Go there and follow the dog, Keep hold of 'RT' to run and keep up. Soon, You will be at the beach. Find Jack, He will be reviving a survivor and wearing a black suit. He will ask you to fix the fuse leak]


http://www.xbox360achievements.org/images/achievements/411/-iHp5A==.jpgSave The Castaways - 15 G

Prevent the fuse leak from igniting

Go to the back of the plane and fix the fuse panel to stop the plane from leaking fuel.



[After the following cutscene go to the far left of the beach, there is a backpack, Examine it. 'Crash Survivor' unlocked]



Episode 2



Locate The Cockpit - 25 G

Complete Episode 2

[View the cutscenes that begin this episode. Kate suggests that your camera might be at the cockpit but Jack is not allowing anyone to leave the beach. After talking to Jack, speak again with Kate, Lisa will then appear on the beach, find her, down towards the ocean. Attempting to talk to Lisa triggers a flashback]


http://www.xbox360achievements.org/images/achievements/411/-8ERdw==.jpgSweet Memory - 20 G

Discover all the memories in Flashback 2

Take a picture of Lisa with her arm on her hip with the fisherman in the picture. Examine the following;

A recorder and a newspaper to the left of you.

To the right of you there is a diary.


[speak to Jack to trick him, Once your in the jungle, Locke is in the safe-zones from the Black smoke, He will explain why they are your friend ect. Follow the trail of wreckage, running from the shooter. The monster ignores you unless you run right into it. Soon you will find Michael gathering wood. He tells you, you must pass through the caves to reach the cockpit. Trade for some torches if you haven't got any, 2/3 should do. Use the lighter Michael gives you as the igniter. Pass through the caves and you will eventually reach to cockpit. Enter through the back and walk towards the front of the plane, from inside, when you reach the pilot's room, turn around and you'll see two fuse panels, the one on the right gives free fuses, just take them and the one on the left you must solve]


[Pick up your camera and leave. 'Locate The Cockpit' unlocked]

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Episode 3



Via Domus - 50 G

Complete Episode 3

[When you take control, Talk with Sayid. You need a battery for your laptop. He suggests you ask Locke for one. Speak to Locke, he will tell you that you have no need for a battery because this island is giving you a fresh start, "brand spanking new." This triggers your next flashback]


http://www.xbox360achievements.org/images/achievements/411/-8ERdw==.jpgBehind The Glass - 20 G

Discover all the memories in Flashback 3

Take a photo of lisa with the sign 'Rico's Shop' above her, then examine the following;

A Recorder and Note on the desk.

To the left of the desk there are some carboard boxes with an Article on them.


[Once you have completed the flashback, Speak with Locke again]


http://www.xbox360achievements.org/images/achievements/411/-iHp5A==.jpgBlackmailer - 15 G

Convince Locke to help

Use the information you find from this flashback to blackmail Locke, He will comply in the end.


[Follow Locke into the Jungle and he will tell you to follow his markers on the trees. Just follow the markers and try to avoid being shot. You will stumble upon The Hatch. Before talking with Locke, Go to the hatch]


http://www.xbox360achievements.org/images/achievements/411/+ojvj11A==.jpg4 8 15 16 23 42 - 15 G

Photograph the numbers on the closed hatch door

The numbers will be on the side of the hatch, they will be engraved in the metal and will flash making themselves easy to find.


[speak with Locke about the battery, you must follow him again, When you come to a new area, turn around and head back to the hatch]


http://www.xbox360achievements.org/images/achievements/411/+ojvj11A==.jpgBeam Of Light - 20 G

Photograph the beam of light from the window of the closed Hatch

The light is finally on, Just pull out your camera and take a picture, isn't a hard one to take.


[start following Locke, You will finally reach more caves. Trade with Locke for what you need (around 2/3 torches), he has an oil can, purchase one if possible. Enter the caves and follow Lisa, she will be your guide. Light your torch and WATCH THE FLOOR!, There are quite a few drops which will kill you. There is only one way through. A cutscene will occur when you jump down the ledge, Watch this and then 'Via Domus' will unlock]


Episode 4


http://www.xbox360achievements.org/images/achievements/411/+ojvj17A==.jpgCastaways Treasures - 10 G

Photograph: Kate's plane, Charlie's guitar, Locke's wheelchair

- When you take control, Kate is sat playing with her plane, she is just in front of you.

- Charlie plays his guitar, but he's further along the beach than Kate.

- Lockes wheelchair is at the beach in the treelines, covered in some vegitation somewhere behind Charlie.


http://www.xbox360achievements.org/images/achievements/411/+ojvj11A==.jpgMedical Station - 20 G

Photograph the Medical Station logo

In Episode 4 on the beach examine the following numbers/objects.


4 - Right on the beach, small house, on a suitcase with bumper stickers.

8 - Right on the beach, the shells form the number 8.

15 - Left on the beach, first stand back side on a part of the wing.

16 - Left on the beach, underneath a cover on a crate.

23 - Left from Hurley on food card.

42 - Left on the table next to Charlie on the Domino box.


You will get asked to warp to the medical station. The logo is on the wall at the bottom of the stairs. Then warp home to begin this episode.





Into The Hatch - 75 G

Complete Episode 4

[You need to find Sayid, He is at the Swan. Enter the jungle and use your compass to move from point to point toward the swan. There are markers on the trees showing the path. You eventually meet up with Desmond in the jungle. After talking to him, you reach the area around the Swan. Sayid is standing near the main entrance to the Swan. Talk with him. To learn your name, return to the beach camp, Talk with Hurley...The big dude, and he will trigger a flashback]



http://www.xbox360achievements.org/images/achievements/411/-8ERdw==.jpgIdentity Crisis - 30 G

Discover all the memories in Flashback 4

Take a photograph of the folder on the glass case in front of you. No examine the following;

The folder you have just taken a photo of.

Look behind you, there are some shelves, there is a recorder on these shelves.

Behind the shelves with the recorder on them is another set of shelves with a letter on them.


[Now go back a talk with Sayid. Enter the Swan to progress. Oh no....The blast doors closed themselves



http://www.xbox360achievements.org/images/achievements/411/-iHp5A==.jpgButton Pusher - 15 G

Enter the numbers

When in the hatch, look for the dome shaped room, in the middle will be a Appl II (Or, A very old computer). Was you activate that, enter the following code;

4 8 15 16 23 42

Then hit EXECUTE...Or Pull 'RT'.


[Well done, You just saved the world! To be rewarded, You must fix 3 fuse panels. Fear not my fellow gamers, For I have the solutions!]

Fuse Panel:

Swan Entryway

Sleeping Area

Next To Laundry Area


[When the third blast door is raised, Jack and Sayid will rush in and interrogate you about your laptop. 'Into The Hatch' unlocked]

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Episode 5



Behind The Wall - 100 G

Complete Episode 5

[Your now locked up. Equip your lighter, and then talk to Kate. this triggers a flashback]


http://www.xbox360achievements.org/images/achievements/411/-8ERdw==.jpgPersephone - 30 G

Discover all the memories in Flashback 5

Go behind the wooden pillar to the left of where you start, take a photo of Lisa's open laptop (so you have the screen in the photo) and her in the picture. If she see's you she closes it, just walk a little away and she will open it up again, The examine the following;

On the desk beside Lisa there is a letter and a folder.

If you face the guard and look left there is a desk with a recorder on it. Desk is next to the windows.


[Talk to Kate so you are released. Once your out, it's time to get some achievements.]


http://www.xbox360achievements.org/images/achievements/411/+ojvj11A==.jpgTurn Of The Screw - 10 G

Photograph the book "Turn of the Screw"

The book is on the bookshelf next to the diary of Radzinsky, the bookshelf is just left after you are released from the armorey.


http://www.xbox360achievements.org/images/achievements/411/+ojvj11A==.jpgRadzinsky - 15 G

Photograph the bloodstain on the Swan ceiling

Photograph Bloodstain on sealing above the lavalamp in the Swan station. That's Radzinsky. Just turn right when you are released from the armorey


http://www.xbox360achievements.org/images/achievements/411/+ojvj17A==.jpgPast Of Desmond - 10 G

Photograph: Kelvin's jump suit with Kelvin's name clearly shown, Medical cabinet with the vaccines, Desmond's painting in Swan station

- Kelvin’s jump suit is grey, It's on a hanger next to the laundry machine.

- The medical cabinet is next to a table with a half moon window.

- Desmond’s painting you will see as you enter the hatch and walk further along, It’s a collage of weird images and numbers, Its colorful and you’ll know it when you see it.




[Complete For Later Achievement 'Mapping The Island'!]

Head over top the PC. You will get the the blast door menu. First choose to turn on the UV lights, you will get a IQ TEST. The answers are "63" and "L". Turn on both UV's, then choose to open some blast doors, play around with both A, B and C. After you have opened one, check to see if it has a map on it, if not open another, close the previous one if necessary. Take a picture of the maps you see on the doors.





[Leave the hatch, in front of you is a water fall, walk through it and follow the path to find a door, Examine it. Return the beach and find Hurley. He will tell you to go to the Black Rock for the dynamite. Buy a gun from Charlie who is at the beach. There are flags leading from the Swan through the dark territory to the ship. Follow the flags and make use of the Banyon roots to avoid the black smoke. Also, pick up an achievement whilst in this jungle]


http://www.xbox360achievements.org/images/achievements/411/+ojvj11A==.jpgDHARMA Ride - 15 G

Photograph the VW van

Just run around in the jungle where you're supposed to follow the black flags and you'll stumble upon it sooner or later, beware of the smoke monster.




[Proceed onward, Shoot the guy out of the tree with the gun. When you arrive at the ship, go inside and get the dynamite. Before you leave, Pick up another achievement]


http://www.xbox360achievements.org/images/achievements/411/+ojvj11A==.jpgSlave - 15 G

Photograph a skeleton in the Black Rock

Go in the ship and find the slave, it is to the right of the dynamite at the far end of the ship. The skeleton will flash making it more obvious, Dont be scared...It's dead.


[Do not run with the dynamite or it will explode. Leave the area and return to the dark territory. The return journey is more difficult in that you must dodge the monster but never run because of the dynamite. Getting through this requires being slow and methodical. When you return...]


http://www.xbox360achievements.org/images/achievements/411/-iHp5A==.jpgBoom Boom - 10 G

Open the magnetic door

Go through the waterfall again, Blow open the blast door door. Use the dynamite you got from the the Black Rock, Step back and shoot the dynamite.


[Enter. Find the PC in this room, The answers are:

'8', 'R' and '493'

Select the option to "neutralize reactor" and 'Behind The Wall' will unlock.

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Episode 6



Through The Flame - 125 G

Complete Episode 6

[begin running, Holding 'RT' and use 'Y' to jump and 'A' to slide. Eventually he you come to the Sonar Fence. Juliet will come to the fence. She accuses you of killing Lisa. This triggers a flashback]


http://www.xbox360achievements.org/images/achievements/411/-8ERdw==.jpgWhatever It Takes - 30 G

Discover all the memories in Flashback 6

Take a photo of the guard and Lisa, the guards gun has to be visible in the photo.

Diary on the desk next to Lisa.

Left of the guard on the desk is a newspaper (same desk that had the recorder on it in Flashback )

On the counter there is a guestbook, if you are looking at the till the guestbook is to the right of there.


[Convince Juliet to let you through the fence. Once through, bear right down the hill to look for the next achievement]


http://www.xbox360achievements.org/images/achievements/411/+ojvj11A==.jpgPearl - 20 G

Photograph the Pearl station logo

Walk at the treeline, going back up the cliff, look at the grass while you walk. You'll see a small blue flashing light in the grass, the "Pick Up" indicator will appear. You will enter the hatch, Photograph the Pearl Station Logo.




[Make your way up the hill to the Flames entrance. The lights are mostly out and you have to work your way around in the dark. There is an fuse panel in one of the rooms that will open a door leading up into the Flame building. Find it and activate the panel]


[Pick up the ammunition on the table in the flame. When you reach the room where Beady eyes is holding Mikhail, DO NOT open the door, instead, do the following]


http://www.xbox360achievements.org/images/achievements/411/+ojvj17A==.jpgMapping The Island - 10 G

Photograph: Blast door map, Blast door map for the hidden entrance, Sayid's cable map in the Flame Station

To finally unlock this achievement that you started in Episode 4, just follow the final step.

- Sayid's map is in the room before you shoot in Beady Eyes, in the end of chapter 6 on a desk. The Flame station is where you meet Mikhail (Patchy).


[And then...]


http://www.xbox360achievements.org/images/achievements/411/-iHp5A==.jpgShowdown - 10 G

Successfully confront Beady Eyes

Open the door, Pull and hold 'LT' to aim your gun, and get a shot at Beady Eyes, The one stood up, and shoot with 'RT'.


[There will be a cutscene and 'Through The Flame' will unlock]






The Way Home - 200 G

Finish the game

[When your awake, find Lisa in the room and talk to her. Tom then appears on the other side of the glass. Speak with him and he'll trigger another flashback]


Walk through the open doors and go to the back of the room and head left, hide in there. You need to take a photo of Mittlewerk giving Savo a Hanso Foundation briefcase.


[speak with Tom again, You are now free to roam around the underwater areas of the Hydra station. Your mission is to get out. All your possessions have been confiscated and you have to locate as many fuses as you can. At one end of the station, there is an fuse panel. Look in every room for fuses and use the computer in the water room to lift the 3 final fuses from the shark]


'44', 'H' and 'B'

[solve the electical panel]


[A door will open to a room where Ben and Juliet are waiting to talk to you. After the conversation is other, you'll be sent to the beach. Talk to Jack, when your done, make your way into the jungle and select the option to jump to the Black Rock. Jack is at the entry to the hold of the ship, he will give you a gun. Go up to the deck of the ship where the story will unfold further. Tom will speak with you and trigger a flashback]


Watch the flashback as it's just a cutsecene.


[When your back at the Black Rock, You have an achievement waiting to be unlocked]


http://www.xbox360achievements.org/images/achievements/411/-iHp5A==.jpgHero's Hero - 25 G

Save Jack

Shoot the dynamite, and remember to stand infront of Kate while doing it


[After the cutscenes and you receive your camera back, You'll notice that Juliet has stolen 30 seconds of your precious 2 minutes. It's now time to RUNNNN!!! Keep your eye open for log and rocks one the floor, Dodge these with 'Y', and to slide press 'A'. You have the liberty of missing an obstacle 2/3 times. Make sure to keep hold of 'RT' so you are running and not walking. Half way through there will be yet another cutscene. Continue to run to the boat until you reach the dock and Locke. Talk with him, Watch the final cutscene of the game. Walk on the boat to watch the final crazy-ass, LOST-style, Mind twisting cinematic of the game]

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The guide looks much better posted like a walkthrough, great job mate, shame you hadn't posted it like this first time round.


Ye I agree, Just hope theres more that want to 1000k this XD


I believe this type of guide should be written for all those quick 1000s with a story mode. Therefore it makes it simple and easy.



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Thanx for the guide...Im stuck on just one thing, i have 990/1000.. The 1 i have left to do is photograph Lockes wheelchair, as part of the Kates Plane, Charlies Guitar, Lockes Wheelchair achievement. The only time i can see the wheelchair is in episode 1 and 2 when i dont have the camera? If anyone can help that would be great.. Thanks in advance.

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Thanx for the guide...Im stuck on just one thing, i have 990/1000.. The 1 i have left to do is photograph Lockes wheelchair, as part of the Kates Plane, Charlies Guitar, Lockes Wheelchair achievement. The only time i can see the wheelchair is in episode 1 and 2 when i dont have the camera? If anyone can help that would be great.. Thanks in advance.


As I have written in the Guide, In Epidoe 4, You can find it behind Charlie to the right of the beach at the back in the vegetation. Read the guide, i have covered EVERYTHING.

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Thanks for the guide but for some reason I cannot take a pic of the second blast door map . I have tried all kinds of angles and zooming in and out. Kinda pissing me off lol. He keeps saying not quite.


I have tried zooming all the way out for the full door and zooming in so its all in the frame. Neither work for me.


Oh and I am on the 5th chapter BTW. I did the first door no problem on the 4th chapter then I accidentally ran out the second door starting chapter 5 but I heard you can still get the pic afterwards.


Edit: I just opened and closed the doors again , took a pic of the first door which it said I already had then went to the second door then bam it gave it to me.

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The guide is confusing if followed too strictly in the blast door map section: you tell players to take the photos after the blast doors are open and that is exactly when the chapter ends and Jack & Sayid storm in and lock you up. I took the photos no problem after being rescued from the closet by Kate - my suggestion is to change that part.

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The guide is confusing if followed too strictly in the blast door map section: you tell players to take the photos after the blast doors are open and that is exactly when the chapter ends and Jack & Sayid storm in and lock you up. I took the photos no problem after being rescued from the closet by Kate - my suggestion is to change that part.


This is where I got them, But I do see where you are coming from. I will change it.

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Before going to Black Rock to pick up dynamite you can NOT buy a gun from Sawyer, as he is not around. You buy your weapon from Charlie, who is sitting right on the beach.


Either way, excellent guide. BTW those remarks of mine are here just to make it flawless, not to criticize your work.

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