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ReactorX / DLC: Title Update 4 Guide & Roadmap (W10 & X1)


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DLC: Title Update 4 (for X1 only [same as TU 3 for W10])

Difficulty: 1/10

Time to 1000:1gs:: 5-10 minutes

Unobtainable: None



Title Update 4 DLC


In this title update, Xitilon has added five achievements. If you have played this previously and have completed all 30 levels, then you can obtain this gamerscore by selecting four levels. But if you have not played this before, you will need to play through Level 9 (Sector B, Level 1).



Help reader 4 (200)

Read the hint on the fifth level


Refer to “Help reader 6” for more information.



Help reader 5 (200)

Read the hint on the seventh level


Refer to “Help reader 6” for more information.



Help reader 6 (200)

Read the hint on the ninth level


When you begin these levels of the game, A-5, A-7 and B-1 (Level 5, 7 and 9), next to your starting point there is a square with a question mark on it. Standing on this square will give a hint on how to complete the level, like a tutorial. Simply stand on this square in all three levels to unlock the corresponding achievements.


Note: If you previously completed these levels, after standing on the question mark square in Level 5, pause the game and go back to the map, select Level 7 and stand on that square. Repeat once more for Level 9.



Power 15+ (200)

Power up 15 or more energy blocks


Refer to “Power 20+” for more information.



Power 20+ (200)

Power up 20 or more energy blocks


Depending on if you had played this game before or not depends on how quick you will unlock these DLC achievements.


Method 1

If you have completed the game before, select the 4th level in Sector A. On this one level you will unlock both block achievements in this DLC. Refer to the image below for reactor placement.




Method 2

If you have not played the game before, then simply complete Levels A-1 and A-2 to unlock both block achievements.

Refer to the 100% video walkthrough in “Level 30 completed!” if you are having issues solving one or more levels.

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