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Graphics Team Staff Recruitment


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Greetings, XBA community! We are currently looking to recruit a site member to join our Graphics (GFX) Team. If you are interested in volunteering your time, we’d like to hear from you!


Our new recruit’s primary duties will be assisting Puppys with the creation of banners and awards for the site. There may be additional tasks on occasion, such as creating a site signature for a requesting member. Paying attention to detail and being consistent are an essential part of the role, as well as having good graphics skills and the ability to create images from your thoughts or instructions given. Generally, a site team will request a set of awards for a tournament or competition. They will offer ideas on what they'd like to see or maybe the theme they'd like the awards to tie into. From there, the successful applicant would create and submit the awards for approval and upload to the site. You will find, though, that the role isn’t too demanding and pretty laid back, and we hope you'll have fun with it!


Prerequisites for the position are the ability to create images based on instructions given. Being on staff will require the use of a password manager (like LastPass) for site security and Discord to participate in staff communications. This position may offer a promotion to the lead role if your skills and communication permit, thus allowing Puppys to focus entirely on her CET role. 


If you're interested in the role, you can apply in this thread or message @Dirty130 directly with why you would like to be a staff member and why you are qualified for the position. Further discussion may take place with those that show interest before the role is filled.


Thank you and good luck! - XBA staff

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