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New Feature - Game Pass Tagging


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We are delighted to bring a new feature to XBA! Starting today, we have the ability to tag games that are included with Xbox Game Pass, PC Game Pass and EA Play. In addition, we can tag games if they are playable on the Cloud, and soon, will be able to tag games that are available to play via Touch on the mobile app.


Over the coming weeks, staff will be tagging all available Game Pass games, but it will take some time as this is a completely manual feature. Plus, as games are added or removed from the service, we too will be adjusting accordingly.


Each heading in the game’s info box is a clickable link that will take you to a list of available games. If you just want to go to these lists directly, they are located in the ‘Achievements’ drop down menu on the front page. As of writing, they are not in the same menu when looking from the forums.


We are proud to continue to bring new features to the site, but stay tuned as there is much more to come!


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21 minutes ago, Caramel Cardinal said:

Nice one

Definitley useful to have, not that I want to create more work for you guys but I always fancied a list of games that have ever been given away as GWG 

I have so many of these hard to keep track but be good to be able to find then too

We have a GwG list:


Pants and I are going to be working to keep the game pass games maintained and up to date each month, but if you or anyone find an error, please let us know. We’re working directly from Xbox.com and the Game Pass and Cloud Gaming apps, so hopefully it’ll be accurate. 


Once we’re done tagging, I’ll post here again. 

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