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Achievement Trading Thread


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need people to boost this with 1 or 2 people message me on xbox live

GT leonard987654



just from looking at the achievements alot of them can be done in multiplayer and very quickly since they are plain


im boosting tonight message me of you want in i will be on all night im set my self to offline so none of my friends join and mess it up message me if you want in

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I'll be online almost all day every day playing this from tomorrow when it's out. I'll boost with anyone as long as they don't mind me not using my headset.


EDIT: Ok, I got it today in the end so I'm online all day every day starting.... NOW!!!!!!!!!

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only just got the game so havent found my way around it yet but anyways if anyone wants to play and boost etc etc message me, on every night ( gmt ), used to play in a group on midway so if anyone wants to meet up reguarly for parties and general ass whooping in a team( clan?) that would be cool too:woop:

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If there is anyone who can help me with the online achievements I would be greatly appreciative. Hit me up on my GT Disturbed CFH. Thanks. Also, if you send me a friend request, glance through my other achievements for this game and see if there are any others you can help me with. Thanks again.

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I'm in need of hooking up with gamers who are in my predicament. I have all the achievements save 4 of them. The ones in question are:


National Hero

Participate in 100 online sessions as the US.


Wrath of the Empire

Participate in 100 online sessions as the Japanese.


Fleet Commander

Reach the rank of Lieutenant.


Head of the Fleet

Reach the rank of Fleet Admiral.


These are all I need for 1000 gs. Is there anyone else that is close to this list and would like to work on boosting them. If so shoot me a FR and a message stating "I saw this add on x360a" and lets hook up. I"m in the US on the west coast. Gamertag is the same as on this post. Hasn't changed since XBL first came out in 2002.

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im up 4 boosting xp plus setting up a boost for tin can captain repair for your life frontline and armchair admiral then the others hit me up live gt breastfed and tieg if you can help me with above then im happy to boost the rest with you

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