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Rate the last movie you saw


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Insidious; 1 out of 5 -- Mediocre at best.


Inception; 4 out of 5 -- Very unique, tough to understand it all though; great ending.


Battle: Los Angelos; 3 out of 5 -- Decent, seen better of the genre though.


Marathon Man; 4 out of 5 -- Excellent.


Buried - 1/10


I would rather watch the Last Airbender again then ever sit through this pathetic excuse for a movie.


Lol, I know right what a fail that film was.

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Star Wars saga on Blu-Ray came out on Friday so I've been watching like a madman all weekend. They all look so nice in high def. The old ones look great, the new ones look fantastic.


The Phantom Menace 7/10 Kind of disjointed from the rest of the series and has very little berringon the rest of the series. It's basically a 2 hour character introduction film. The removal of Puppet Yoda and using the CGI one is much better. They made the puppet look so strange when they did this one. They should have just used ESB Yoda in stead of trying to make a younger looking Yoda. I mean, at 800+ years, is another 30 really going to make you look THAT different?


Attack of the Clones 7.5/10 Some very cool shit in this one but there is some stiff romance (and not the good kind of stiff if you know what I mean:p) stuff as well that drags the film down a bit. Still I could watch Obi and Jango parts of it all day long.


Revenge of the Sith 8/10 Really bridges the two trilogy together well. A couple spots I could do with some better editing and trimming but overall a great movie.


A New Hope 8/10 This one looks a little dated in spots and the High-Def makes some of the special editions stand out a little more but it really does look great in Blu. great movie.


The Empire Strikes Back 9.5/10 I love this movie. I've seen it so many time I can recite it in my sleep and it looks fantastic in hi-def. Kersh did a wonderful job making this a deeper experience that hold up so well. This is the sequel that all other sequels want to be.


Return of the Jedi 9/10 Another great transfer to hi-def. looks wonderful and is a great close to the series. The movie moves about a mile a minute it seems. Just back to back action. Really liked the Blu-Ray additions made here as well.

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Star Wars saga on Blu-Ray came out on Friday so I've been watching like a madman all weekend. They all look so nice in high def. The old ones look great, the new ones look fantastic.


Gonna pick that up soon when I get some spare time to shop.

Perfect for me because I haven't watched a single Star Wars, thanks to the 'The complete saga' I'll be watching them all. :D

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not to be confused with D.O.A (dead or alive), which is spammed all over youtube and search engines. that is why i distinguished what movie i was referring to, it actually took me a great while to find this movie available online.

(some article claimed that the movie was so gory that it is unavailable in certain countries)


eventually i found it, and wow that had to be one of the greatest horror movies i ever sat thru. it was extreamly gory, and featured a whole heap of zombies getting be-headed and chopped to pieces. the plot was surprisingly good/interesting compared to most stale zombie flicks. there was also a good ammount of humor tossed in, even two zombies having sex :/. which was kind of weird and gross.


my only gripe is that the main character is a morron, i couldnt help but question every one of his decisions. at one point he was taking care (I.E feeding, chaining to a chair, letting watch TV) of like 5 zombies in the basement... i mean wtf, who would do that. even if you didnt know what was going on, those things are trying to eat you bro ffs.


**i strongly recommend this movie for any abid zombie fan, it was actually rated the top zombie flick of all time by this reviewer (which was why i gave it a try).

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Everything Must Go - 7/10

~ I know a lot of people were disappointed in this movie, but I think that is because they expected a more humorous role out of Will Ferrell. I actually enjoy his more serious, dry humor drama's.


Superheroes - 5/10

~ It is just a strange little movie.


Dazed and Confused - 10/10

~ It doesn't matter how many times i see this movie, I love it a little more then the last.

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Your Highness


A terrible movie but so entertaining movie.


A big dick joke from the very beginning to the very end.


I give it an 8 out of 10 for keeping me entertained the whole time, but obviously, not a movie to be taken seriously...



Dude, that bit with the Minataur and the "trophy" was hillarious.


I enjoyed the movie, but I may just be about done with Danny McBride playing the same character in every movie he's in after that. Seriously, he is Jack Blacking his career pretty fast.

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Contagion- 7.5/10


Had a pretty good story,but I really disliked the ending and a specific part in the beginning where they find out a certain someone is immune to the disease before they even know what said disease is.


Pretty great acting over all.


It's a type of movie where a disease beside turning zombies sends people into mass hysteria which is something I haven't seen in a while.


You may ask why the .5. Will I give it the .5 purely because of the Dimitri Martin cameos.

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Just got done watching Green Lantern. I thought it was pretty good and I'm looking forward to the sequel. I thought it was loads better than Thor. However, I disliked it in the same areas. It seems superhero movies, more recently, build up to epic boss fights that last like 2 mins. I thought they were suppose to be epic, not make it obvious they have a budget, and thus like everything today can be solved in 5 minutes or less, or it's free. 7/10

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