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Location of skulls


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Here are the locations of all skulls for the Skullbagger achievements.


WARNING: You have to collect the skulls while you are sneaking in the forts. When you attack a fort with your army all the skulls are gone!

An exception is Thornvik. During the battle and after it the skulls are still gone but if you quit your game and load again all your missed skulls are back after liberating Thornvik!



Skullbagger 1

Collect the 6 skulls in Darkwater




1. Enter Darkwater by jumping over the fence on the right side.

Turn left and you find the first skull.




2. Now run back where you jumped in and run right.

Jump down a few steps. On the right side is a Legion. Stealth kill him.

Then cross the street. Wait until the guards have their backs to you. Follow the way left up and you find the second skull guarded by some Legions. Just make a suicide run.




3. Cross the street again but run right now. Stealth kill two Legion and run around the hut.

You see the third skull by the well.




4. Now turn around and jump over the red fence. There is a Legion group patrolling so time your jump.

The skull is hidden behind the crates to your right.




5. Follow the way and turn right as you see on the pictures.

Kill the Legion and get the skull on the right side hidden behind crates.




6. From number 5 go up the elevated walkway and follow it until you are almost at the red portal. Ignore the archers as your run until you see the crate which leads to the portal. The skull is lying by some barrels. Also here are many Legions guarding the skull. You might want to jump up to the red portal to power up the amulet first and then make a suicide run for the skull.






Skullbagger 2

Collect the 6 skulls in Holdenfort and the 6 skulls in Caldberg




Part 1: Holdenfort

1. Enter the fort on the left side by jumping over the fence. Run a bit forward and you can see it.




2. Now go back out and run to the right entrance. Run down the docks as you can see on the pictures.




3. Continue down the docks and cross the stream by jumping on the floodgate.

Follow the way on the other side. The skull is on the left side behind crates.




4. From skull 3 go back and follow the way up the ramp. Follow the way on the pictures.

Jump up the crate and you see the skull down by the house.




5. Now go back and up the big stairs. It’s behind the fence on the right side.




6. Now go back where you found skull 4 and continue the way up.

You can cross the bridge here to avoid fighting Legions.

Do a few jumps to come across the bridge.

First hang down by pressing B. Then look in the direction you want to jump and press Y.

Follow the way on the others side and you can see the last skull.


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Part 2: Caldberg



1. When you enter the fort on the right side by climbing up you can already see a skull in the background.




2. Now go back up where you climbed in and run left. Run along the left wall to avoid to be seen from the Legions down on the right. On the far end climb down the net and get the skull by the hut.




3. Now back up the net and down the wooden construction. After the first ladder turn left, down again and to the passageway. Now down a net to the walkway. Turn right and the skull is behind a crate.




4. Follow the walkway until you reach the dead end. Climb up the net, turn right and you see the next skull.




5. Run back from where you climbed up and run straight and a bit right to find a Leystone. From there run up the stairs, a bit right and into an alley. The skull is at the dead end.




6. Run back and right up the stairs. One more stair up then turn right to find the skull.





Skullbagger 3

Collect all the 4 skulls in Thornvik



1. Enter the fort from the right by jumping over the rocks. Follow the wall to find the skull on your left side.




2. Make a 180° turn and you’ll see the next skull behind a fence. Run left to get behind the fence.




3. Continue north and run across the small bridge. Turn left there and run all the way left. You’ll see the skull up ahead to the north.




4. Now continue right and jump up as you see on the pictures. You should see the tower where you find the last skull. It’s on the left side of the towers back entrance.[/size]


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Yh i missed to skulls on the first level.


Note to every one, you have to get the skulls before the battle at Darkwater! You have to climb over the wall and get them that way. I got 3/6 then thought i could get them in the battle or at the end of battle. At the end it takes you straight to next level. :(

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I found my first one in Thornvik. I will do the best to describe, but this will certainly not be up to the standard Ageha has set.


Follow the outer wall (walk on top of it) from the guard station in the dead south of Thornvik, you will see the wall head due East, then bend NorthEast, finally it bends due North. As you walk along you will see it below you, too your right, just inside the wall.




Number 2


From the above Skull, look due West and you will see a brown fence. Follow it around to the inner portion of the town. You will start travelling South, follow it to get around to the West of it and then travel to the North. Shortly after you get on the West side of it you should see the second one next to a house.




Number 3


Cross the land bridge in the center of town heading north. As soon as you can, head due west. Really cannot miss it.



Number 4


From three, head west to the main wall. Follow it to the north and then west to the mission symbol for "Infiltrate Thornvik." Basically dead center North just inside the wall.



These seemed much easier than the other skulls.

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I need help on number 2 on Darkwater. I can't find it... anyone give better description?


I've been doing this for like 2 hours.. haha help me I'm so angry



Some of the descriptions aren't that great but just use the first picture if you get lost and try to find some land marks. Darkwater is pretty simple even if you do alert alot of guys, although if you alert a hornblower you are screwed.


But yea, if you turn right like it says and jump down you should come to a wall where there is a patrol marching back and forth. when you think you have enough time, jump the fence and run across the pathway and jump the next fence ( i think there was a rug hanging off it). There should be a bigger sized building with two people around it that you can hack to bits. there is your red fence so follow it from there

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Just got number 2 in Darkwater.


However, considering the number of Legion grunts around it, it's pretty much a suicide run to go for it.


Same goes for number 6 in Darkwater, probably best to grab it AFTER you empower the amulet as you'll likely die once you grab it.


Ah well, good guide :)


hmm.. after you empower the amulet? doesn't the battle start then? :confused:

Sorry i'm just going to try this tonight & might not have acces to internet then..


thx for this anyways! loving it :)

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