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you'll find that the hardest tables then become the ones w/ the red balls b/c if you hit them its an automatic 2 stroke penalty. However if you've been getting birdies/pars most of the way, you should have in the ball park of a score around -10 or better. so just wail away on these ones. Full power and some spin. On the ones where you're only required to sink one ball, if you get lucky, which i was able to do w/o many attempts, you'll sink the required ball on the first shot, and since the max penalty you'll get no matter if you sink 1 red x-ball or 30, is 2 strokes, you can still come in w/ birdies on the more difficult tables. hope that makes sense, good luck all.

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par: typical number of strokes for the course

bogey: number of strokes is par + 1 (double bogey is par + 2)

birdie: number of strokes is par - 1


For most courses you only have to adjust the striking power. I found changing the angle of the queue or the point of contact complicates the game.


Some courses have a path which the golfball is supposed to follow. But some of the courses can be done quickly by crashing through the red or yellow balls. Even with the resulting 1 or 2 stroke penalty you can still be under par.

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its just trial and improvement


there was a couple of holes where i was -3 with 1 ball left and with the deadly red balls


so for these i went to 100% power and took the risk of trying to get the ball in


i have now got this acheivement and happy with using the above advise to get some much needed birdies


in fact i only got 1 par if i remeber correctly

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