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Eternal's Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Multiplayer Guide




Right, so we all know Call of Duty 4 multiplayer is kick-ass. But do we all know the little details?





Jumping is not as effective as it is in Halo 3 or other 'old school' first person shooters. Because this is a very realistic game, it mimics real life physics and the consequences or jumping. In Call of Duty 4, jumping affects your running speed and reduces your sprint capacity. The default button for jumping is 'A'.


Being prone and/or crouching can benefit you in many ways. There are several advantages but a couple of disadvantages. Being prone gives your shots more accuracy and makes you a harder-to-hit target. However, you are more susceptible to headshots which will instantly kill you. Crouching is a halfway position between prone and standing. The default button for changing positions is 'B'.



Sprinting is one useful tool, if you know how to use it correctly. Never sprint around corners, because you never know if a terrorist or a soldier is just waiting there to shoot you. Sprinting can be used to get out of situations that require speed and only speed, for example, a hairy headquarters situation where enemy forces are converging on your position and you have a long kill streak that you do not wish to break. The default button for sprinting is 'LS' (depress the stick).



When firing at a target be sure to 'strafe'. For those unfamiliar to the term, it is where a person moves left or right without going forwards or backwards. Of course, in Call of Duty 4, you can charge while strafing at the same time. This tactic causes your opponent to constantly change bullet trajectory and subsequently make many bullets to miss you, allowing you to take advantage of this and kill him before you are killed. The default button for strafing is to move left or right with the 'LS' stick.





Call of Duty 4 is not a run-and-gun style game. It is not intended for players who charge into buildings 'rambo'-style and spray their guns aimlessly. It is, however, a game where cover is necessary to survive. If you are hit, take cover or go prone! Regenerate your health and get back up fighting. The red screen graphical effect and the sound of hoarse breathing is to ensure that you, as a player, know that you are close to death and should seek cover immediately.



There is a vast arsenal of weapons at your disposal in Call of Duty 4. Weapons range from single fire M14s to fully automatic RPDs to long range sniper equipment such as the R700. Choose weapons ideal for the match and gametype. For example, it would be foolish to run around with an M21 sniper rifle on Shipment, where close quarter combat is everything. It would also be foolish to travel alone in a very large map with a shotgun, a weapon only ideal for close quarters combat. Choose wisely according to map and gametype and you will master every weapon available.



The vast majority of multiplayer weapons must be unlocked by reaching the prescribed rank. A couple of weapons are included at the rank Private to start you off, after all, what would be a First Person Shooter without weapons?


For information on unlockables and experience, please view Clipse's thread, located here.






The AK-47 is the most frequently used enemy weapon of the game; however, its open iron sights make it inferior in range and accuracy to the M16A4 and M4 Carbine. However, it is also more powerful and can be used at long range because it has power close to the M14. The AK-47 is effective at medium to close range. The AK-47 is also not very well suited for long ranged fights, as even when aiming down the sights, there is significant recoil. It is one of six weapons that can be customised with a golden paint scheme.





In the game, the AK-74u is incorrectly considered a submachine gun.



In multiplayer it can be customized with a Red Dot sight, silencer and ACOG sight. The weapon's damage is high for a weapon counted as a submachine gun. The AK-74u is one of the best weapons in multiplayer. If combined with stopping power, it can can take out most enemies in very few bullets. While a popular weapon among more veteran players, if it often overlooked by newer player because they tend to think the P90 is the best submachine gun in its class. A good shot can dispatch 3 or 4 enemies with 1 clip.


Barrett .50 Caliber Sniper Rifle






The Barrett .50 Cal sniper is unlockable in multiplayer at level 49. Like all sniper rifles, it can be outfitted with an ACOG scope. The .50 Cal cannot accept a suppressor or a recoil reducer in-game. It is one of the most powerful sniper rifle in Call of Duty 4, and favored by many players for its sheer power and ability to make quick work of any enemies. However the sound made upon firing is distinctive and in multiplayer will give away the user's position.







The Dragunov is unlocked at Master Gunnery Sargent (lvl 22). Like all sniper rifles, it can be customised with an ACOG scope. This weapon is very similar to the M21, just with increased damage and it can kill in one shot with stopping power equipped. However, it also suffers from much higher recoil making it difficult to hit the target a second time if, as often occurs, the first shot fails to bring him down. It is also one of the six weapons that can have a golden colour scheme.









All players affected by flashbangs will see a single frame for approximately five seconds until it fades and normal sight returns. This special grenade is very useful for safely entering heavily defended areas, such as headquarters. The Special Grenade x3 perk allows the player to carry three flashbangs.




Fragmentation Grenade


The fragmentation grenade or, more commonly, the 'frag' is the basic grenade in Call of Duty 4. When thrown, the user has approximately 4 seconds to release it before it explodes in the player's hands. The grenade, when exploded, releases a large amount of shrapnel in every way. Frag grenades will kill unless the player sprints out of the Grenade icon. A very popular tactic is to 'cock' a grenade, ie; holding the grenade for 2 or 3 seconds then throwing it, ensuring that the enemy has no chance to throw it back.








In multiplayer, the G3 is a single shot rifle. Its high power combined with its accuracy make it an excellent sniping weapon. It can be customized with a grenade launcher, silencer, red dot sight, and ACOG scope. It is seen as a step down from the M14, but many prefer its lesser recoil.










In multiplayer, the G36c is obtained when a player reaches rank 37. It can be customised as standard like all assault rifles with the grenade launcher, red dot sight, suppressor, and ACOG scope.










In multiplayer the magazine holds 4 shells, which are loaded individually. Damage appears to be slightly less than that of the W1200, but the rate of fire is far greater. The M1014 is an extremely short-range weapon, and should be supplemented by an assault or sniper rifle from a fallen soldier as soon as possible when playing multiplayer. The M1014 can be customised with a red dot site or a grip. It is one of six weapons that can be customised with a gold paint scheme.





The M14 is one of the two single fire assault rifles (the other being the G3). Attachments include the ACOG scope, the grenade launcher, red dot sight and a silencer. The M14 is a true 'love it or hate it' weapon, loved by many players, because it can drop a person in two hits to the body. It makes a excellent mid-range rifle, or sniper weapon, although it suffers from high recoil at long range.






It's highly powerful and quite accurate, which is only further enhanced by its three round burst firing mode. This rifle can be fitted with a silencer, red dot sight, ACOG scope, and grenade launcher. The weapon is designed primarily for medium to long range engagements, and can usually if not always drop enemies in a single three round burst if the Stopping Power perk is equipped. It is often called 'nooby' or 'cheap' by other online players because of this.

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The M21 can be unlocked in Call of Duty 4 multiplayer at level 7. It is the second sniper rifle obtainable. The M21 is useful in many situations,as it has very low recoil and is. What it lacks in its damage, its higher capacity magazine and increased rate of fire make up for. It is the only sniper rifle that cannot kill in one shot with stopping power perk enabled and because it is semi automatic it is highly inaccurate when not holding breath. As with all sniper rifles, it can be customised with an ACOG scope.


M249 SAW




In the game, the M249 SAW is one of the first available weapons when starting. It has a very high rate of fire which, when doubled with stopping power, can bring down enemies with a quick burst. It is one of the most commonly used weapons in the game.



M4 Carbine




The M4 Carbine is one of the starting weapons in the game. It is known commonly as a 'cousin' to the M16A4, because of its similar look, power and effectiveness. There is, however, one major difference. The Carbine is a fully automatic rifle, perfect for those who enjoy depressing the trigger for elongated periods of time.






In Call of Duty 4 multiplayer, the M40A3 is a commonly accepted by veteran snipers to be the best sniper because it has the best accuracy and its lower recoil than other bolt-action sniper rifles. With stopping power perk it can kill with one shot.






The M60 is unlocked at Gunnery Sergeant (lvl. 19). Attachments include the red dot sight the grip and the ACOG scope. The M60 is the strongest machine gun in Call of Duty 4 multiplayer, having the best accuracy and power, but with a large recoil. It, along side an RPG, have enough firepower to kill an enemy helicopter in multiplayer. It is often combined with the perks Double Tap to increase its fire rate and Deep impact to increase the bullet penetration especially over long distances, making it more devastating. This weapon can be customised with gold colour scheme.



Like all Light Machine Guns, it has a large magazine capacity of 100 rounds. But it also suffers from a slow reload time.








The MP5 is the only SMG available at level 1. However, many players of level 39 or lower use this weapon for its amazing accuracy. At level 40, SMG users generally switch to the P90. The MP5 can be equipped with a red-dot sight, silencer and ACOG scope. Most seasoned players consider this the best weapon for Search and Destroy, equipped with the silencer.






The accuracy of the MP-44 is higher than that of a submachine gun so that it could shoot targets at a much longer range than an average SMG can. The MP-44's rate of fire is quite high, allowing the gun to be used in close-quarter combat. The MP-44 also has a strong power so it is a dependable gun for any battle.






In multiplayer, the Mini UZI is an unlockable weapon that can be upgraded with a red dot sight, silencer and ACOG scope. The Mini-Uzi is one of the weapons that can be customised with golden coloured paint.






In Multiplayer, the P90 is unlocked at Colonel (Lvl 40). It is customizable with a red dot sight, ACOG scope and silencer. This is by far the most popular weapon, used by almost every single player who has unlocked it. It also boasts a tremendous 50 round magazine, although its high rate of fire will eat through ammo surprisingly fast. Many consider the P90 to be somewhat overpowered, a similar view to the M16A4.






In multiplayer, the RPD can be upgraded with a red dot sight, an ACOG scope and a grip. It is primarily used for medium to long distances and is particularly liked for its magazine's high capacity. It is also a weapon available at level 1.




the RPG is the 'rocket-launcher'. In Multiplayer, it can be used as a Perk 1, which will allow the player to spawn with 2 rockets. However, this perk cannot be accessed if a player's primary weapon has a grenade launcher or grip attachment.






The R700 is much like the M40A3, except it only holds four rounds, has increased damage, and has greater recoil. The R700's sway is set higher then all the other snipers, meaning that it will move more if breath isn't held.






The Skorpion is always your starting weapon when playing the Old School portion of multiplayer. Unless at very close range or achieving a head shot, the weapon is considered weak since an entire clip will not be enough to kill an opponent. Apart from Old School gameplay, the weapon can be devastating with appropriate perks and attachments such as stopping power and red dot sight.


Smoke Grenade




The smoke grenade is perfect for obscuring an enemies view of a particular target. It is primarily used on a headquarters, Sabotage bomb or Search and Destroy bomb.


Stun Grenade




Stun grenades are used in multiplayer to temporarily disorient and enemy player. Players stunned by the grenade will be experience a few seconds of slow movement and a white screen. Players are easily killed while in a 'stunned' state.

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Ambush is set around a convoy of broken-down vehicle and hosts a wide variety of elevated spots, enabling you to hold your breath and take aim. Both spawn points provide ample sniping locations which overlook the middle of the map, along with the opposing sniper positions. The sewer tunnels are an area of the map which are most largely overlooked. This is a small area, but one that has saved lives on more than one occasion. All types of classes are effective here. Desert camouflage works best.






A Mid-Sized map that is good for almost all game modes. Beware, people enjoy the thrill and rush of the MK 92 mounted machine guns, several good spots were the guns cannot reach or are far off can knock the gunner to the grave. The top of the middle building is great for snipers or heavey gunners. But do not dwell on the second floor for long, because if you do, you are easy prey for the machine guns, both of which can hit the whole second floor. If you need the challange to survive the whole game, a good chance to get it is to go in the basement of the construction building, it is a very overlooked area. All types of classes are effective here. Desert camoflage works best.






Large map with great sniper locations. Avoid being caught in the middle because you are sitting duck for even the mediocre sniper. To assault your chosen building, attack from the side entrances. Back pool area and far garden provide excellent cover if you are so lucky for a headquarters to spawn there. Use night vision when entering the left building, dark places are a camper's haven where they lie in wait for anyone careless enough to rush in for a simple enough backstab. The most effective classes are sniper and stealth classes.






Broadcast is a map from the Variety Map Pack. A large sized map that is seen in the level "Charlie Don't Surf". It seems to take place before the fighting because the area is less destroyed. The parking lot outside is filled with cars and a roof over the middle of it. A small building is located on the edge of the parking lot where snipers can pick off soldiers on the second floor of the TV station. From IGN's impressions, the best game modes are Search and Destroy and Team Deathmatch. Some places are switched around as the news room is downstairs instead of upstairs, and the windowed rooms are inaccessible. A skylight is above where the bomb area B spawns. It is well liked by most players and is the most popular map in the map pack.




Chinatown is a remake of the popular Call of Duty 1 and 2 multi player map Carentan for the Variety Map Pack. Its layout is exactly the same as the original. This map's theme revolves around fighting in a heavily Chinese themed area. Almost every building in the map is open and able to be occupied. The grenade is perfect for a mix of mid-range and close quarters combat. Many players who prefer sniping will be utterly disappointed, as there are few hiding spots and most combat will take place where a sniper rifle's advantage is diminished. It is good for almost any game mode.




Creek is a map from the 1.6 PC version and the Variety Map Pack and is the largest map in the game. It is great for players who enjoy long range combat, but it won't be popular with players who enjoy getting in close. The map is divided by a ravine with small houses on each side. A waterfall is on one side with tunnels along the ravine wall. The hills leading to the ravine are lined with sandbags to protect players from the constant fire from long range weapons.







The design of the map features missile silos, small hangers (2 on each side of the map, rather close to each other.), blast shields that offer some cover, and tank trucks to climb. Intense battles usually occur on this map, this is evident on gametypes such as headquarters, sabotage and domination. Most effective classes are Sniper, LMG, and assault classes. Digital camouflage is often preferred.






Crash is a decent sized level with many two-level buildings and 1 three-level building that is perfect for snipers. Most of the crossfire takes place over a downed helicopter near the center of the map. Most effective classes are Assault and Sniper classes. Desert camouflage is often prefered.







Crossfire is one of the largest levels with perhaps the most buildings and places to hide. It is a favorite of snipers and campers alike. Most of the combat is between the two 2-story buildings at each end of the long street in intense sniper battles. Another majority of fighting occurs inside the small interior buildings that line the main street. Desert camouflage is often preferred.






District is a very urban level. People who enjoy exploding cars will find whole streets full of them. Long range combat can be found on the long, intersecting streets, and close range combat can be found near the center marketplace. Desert camouflage is often preferred.







Downpour is a level with low visibility due to the unceasing rain. There are two Machine gun turrets on the level, although it is said that one has a much better position and view than the other. Helicopters are often destroyed easily due to one side nearly always having a MG. Woodland camouflage is often preferred.






Killhouse is a very small map from the Variety Map Pack and it is inspired by the tutorial level "F.N.G.", it is symmetrical map with a looking post in the middle. The buildings are wooden and the walls are concrete. It will sure be home to some very fierce battles as the map is not a lot larger than Shipment. The games will be fast and deadly so if you can't master close quarters combat, you will be frustrated about how fast you are dying and will most likely lose in this map. Don't be fooled by the cameras, they are not mounted guns as some players believed when they first saw them. It is the least played of the maps because









Overgrown takes place in a large Russian field. It is very open and perfect for snipers, who can often see across the level. Gillie suits easily conceal a sniper in the lush vegetation. There are two machine guns on the level. Woodland sniper camouflage works best.







Pipeline is a large multiplayer map in Call of Duty 4. It's main design centers around two side-to-side warehouses out in the middle of Russia (or somewhere exotic) and the immediate areas around it. The map features a good variety of sniper positions throughout the level. Including on top of the roofs of the two main warehouses, and the green hill they both face. The level also has a rather elaborate network of tunnels beneath it. These tunnels can provide undetected movement from one location to another, as they mostly go unused by many players. But sometimes other players may decide to use them, so don't let your guard down completely.






Shipment is a small map ideal for quick and short games. Domination and Headquarters are great for this map. When playing this map most players will arm themselves with shotguns and SMGs.





Showdown is a small, desert bazaar type map. It's circular design is perfect for flanking the enemy. Despite it's size, short range weapons often have a disadvantage on this map. Desert camouflage works best.







This is a large map with a few key positions on it. There are long lines of view, and most fighting occurs building-to-building across the streets. People tend to enjoy this map most with team deathmatch or headquarters settings. Desert camouflage is often preferred.





Vacant is a small map that is based in an abandoned office. Shotguns and SMG's are a must. The level appears to be half indoors and half outdoors, although almost all combat occurs indoors. Helicopters and airstrikes are nearly pointless on this level considering most of the map is indoors. Woodland or Digital camouflage is often preferred.



Wet Work




Wet Work is a medium sized map with nearly identical sides. Frag grenades work especially well. Helicopters and airstrikes are dreaded because of little cover and the linear shape of the playing field. Blue Tiger and Digital camouflage are often preferred.

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Category 1 Perks:

  • Bomb Squad - Ability to see nearby enemy explosive

Bomb squad is one of the most useless perks available, compared to the other category 1 perks. It will identify all enemy explosives with a large exploding skull above it. Bomb squad is useful for obtaining the 'Backdraft' challenge. It is also quite effective in Search and Destroy, however most players will choose Claymores or Frags for the gametype.

  • C4 x 2 - Remote detonation explosive

A very useful perk if used correctly. The C4 will kill anyone who is in close proximity to the explosive. Be careful though, C4s are easily spotted and are just as dangerous if shot. You can double tap 'X' while holding another weapon to detonate the C4s you have placed.

  • Claymore x 2 - Trip activated explosive mine

Possible one of the most useful claymores. Plant and leave. They can be used to guard entrances, with claymores floating around the corner of doors, waiting to kill anyone who dares enter. They are especially useful in Search and Destroy, Sabotage and Headquarters. However, they are easily spotted when in the open, so be sure to place them just behind walls.

  • RPG-7 x 2 - Rocket Launcher with 2 rockets

These rocket propelled grenades can be used as anti-personnel weapons, often taking out multiple enemies with a single rocket. They are also used against enemy helicopters, which can take two rockets before it is destroyed. Using this perk enables you to spawn with two RPGs.

  • Special Grenades x 3 - 3 special grenades. No smoke

Using this perk enables you to carry three stun or flashbangs. Especially useful if you constantly throw these types of grenades.

  • Bandolier- Extra ammunition magazines

Not very useful, considering most people will die before running out of ammunition, especially so with LMGs. However, those who constantly get large kill streaks may find this very useful, instead of looting the corpses of fallen teammates.

  • Frag x 3 - 3 fragmentation grenades

This perk allows you to carry 3 frag grenades. Very useful in Search and Destroy and if you just love throwing 'random' grenades up in the air in hopes of a kill(s).




Category 2 Perks:

  • Juggernaut- Increased health

This is one of the more useful perks, allowing the user to have more health and thus being harder to kill. When attacking someone with Juggernaut equipped, a medical cross appears underneath the crosshairs.

  • Sleight of Hand- Faster reloading

Very useful for reloading LMGs in tight situations. Where normal reloads take around 7 seconds, it will take 2 or 3 with sleight of hand equipped.

  • Sonic Boom - Higher explosive weapon damage

An awesome perk if you like massive destruction. Equip an RPG and fire if you like a fireshow (and some kills). This perk increases all explosions from frags, RPGs and airstrikes.

  • Stopping Power- Increased bullet damage

THE most useful perk available. This perk, as it says, increases your bullet damage by about 100%. You take less bullets to kill an enemy while also being able to take advantage of single fire and burst fire weapons, which may kill with one shot or a single burst.

  • Double Tap- Increased rate of fire

Useful with SMGs and LMGs. They increases the rate of fire by 100% but the gun eats up more ammunition quicker. Useful if you know you die every few seconds.

  • UAV Jammer- Undetectable on enemy radar

Extraordinarily useful for Search and Destroy. Combined with a silencer, you will never appear on enemy radar, even when they have UAV recon enabled.

  • Overkill- Carry two primary weapons, no pistol

An interesting perk that allows you to spawn with two primary weapons. Most players will go for a simple weapon, ie; a SMG, and a sniper rifle. However, if you equip Last Stand perk, you will mystically pull out a pistol when in Last Stand...




Category 3 Perks:

  • Deep Impact- Deeper bullet penetration

Not useful for LMGs, as they have a default ability to shoot through walls. This perk enables other weapons to be able to shoot through thicker walls, useful for the 'X Ray Vision' challenge.

  • Extreme Conditioning - Sprint for longer distances

A completely useless perk. You can sprint for longer, which has no effect on the battle. You should not use this perk.

  • Last Stand - Pull out your pistol before dying

A neat little perk if you have a long kill streak. You will pull out your pistol while bleeding to death on the ground and attempt to get a kill. All kills in Last Stand mode count towards your Kill Streak.

  • Martyrdom - Drop a live grenade when killed

When killed, you will drop a frag grenade with the pin pulled in a random direction. One of the perks deemed 'nooby' by other players who experience death from martyrdom.

  • Steady Aim - Increased hip-fire accuracy

Nice perk for players who run around with an LMG and don't even bother scoping in for a kill.

  • Dead Silence - Movements make less noise

Useless perk that makes you inaudible to enemies. Instead of the noise that you hear when someone sneaks up on you, you won't hear anything.

  • Iron Lungs - Longer breathe for steadier sniper shots

Useful perk if you, as a sniper, hold your breath the moment you see an enemy soldier. You can hold it for approximately 100% more.














  • Red Dot Sight - Replaces iron sights with precision reflex sight
  • ACOG Scope - This is not enhanced version of the Red Dot Sight as you may be led to believe. Essentially, when looking down the sights, your perspective will zoom in considerably, but the aim of the weapon will be wavy and not as steady as the Red Dot Sight or the iron sights. Also, longer range by 15%, less accuracy by about 10%.
  • Grip - Reduces recoil for shotguns and LMGs - replaces perk 1
  • Silencer - Makes the user invisible on the map when their weapon is fired and reduces muzzle flash; also reduces kickback. Also reduces range by about 10%.
  • Grenade Launcher - Only for assault rifles and replaces perk





There are three modifiers a player can attain throughout playing multiplayer: UAV, Airstrike, and Helicopter Support.

  • UAV Recon- Requires three consecutive kills without dying. This modifier allows the player to see exactly where the opposing team's players are on the map unless they have UAV Jammer for perk 2. UAV also activates the mini-map and Radar in hardcore matches
  • Airstrike - Requires five consecutive kills without dying. This modifier allows the player to call for three jets to fly in and drop bombs. The player chooses where to send the plane on his/her map. There is no Team killing in Multiplayer what so ever, So your Airstrike WILL NOT harm friendlies (unless in a Hardcore Match) although you can Airstrike yourself and die. Additionally, enemies killed by the bombs dropped by the jets will count as a kill by whoever called in the Airstrike, which can easily count towards a 6th and 7th kill, which will grant a valid Helicopter Support modifier.
  • Helicopter Support - Requires seven consecutive kills without dying. This modifier allows the player to call for helicopter support. The helicopter hangs above the ground, firing at opposing team members whenever they come into view, and will stay until the helicopter is destroyed by the opposing team or until two minutes have passed; whichever comes first.

There is only allowed 1 airstrike at a time along with 1 helicopter. There cannot be two airstrikes or helicopters running at the same time, unless the glitch is done. Players must wait to 'activate' their airstrike or helicopter after the previous attack is finished; This is on a "first come first served basis"



Once earned, these this air support can be used instantly, or reserved for use later in the game-even after the player that earned them dies. But say you get an Airstrike, and don't use it, die, then get 3 kills, you will lose it, and get the UAV.

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There are many, many available playlists in Call of Duty 4. Here is an insight into each of them.


  • Team Deathmatch - Use teamwork to kill opposing players and reach score limit. Players: 6 - 12. Score limit: 750 points. Kill: 10 points.

The original deathmatch of FPS games. 6 players vs 6 players. This is one of the gametypes available at level 1. Any perks and weapons will work well in Team Deathmatch.

  • Mercenary Team Deathmatch- Use teamwork to kill opposing players and reach score limit. Players: 6 - 12. No parties. Score limit: 750 points. Kill: 10 points.

The original deathmatch of FPS games. Teams may not be balanced. This is one of the gametypes available at level 1. Any perks and weapons will work well in Mercenary Team Deathmatch.

  • Free-for-All - Every man for himself. Players: 6 - 8. Score limit: 125 points. Kill: 5 points.

Run around and kill everyone. No teammates, no help, just yourself and the enemies. UAV Jammer and a silencer is useful for this game type. Also be sure to equip yourself with claymores.

  • Domination - There are flags at certain points around the map. All flags start neutral. Teams battle to hold the most flags. Game ends when the time limit is reached, or the score limit is reached. Kill: 5 points

If you can, communicate with your teammates. Know who is going for flag A, B, and C. Flanking the opponent is a very good strategy, and camping at captured flags are a plus. Know the terrain and you will know victory. Any perks and weapons will do well.

  • Ground War - a combination of domination and team deathmatch. The score limit for Team deathmatch is 1000 points.

Ground Wars are just a playlist that includes Domination and Team Deathmatch. When playing matches, refer to the above points.

  • Sabotage - Similar to Search and Destroy, only the bomb is neutral and there are objectives located in both teams' bases. Each team's goal is to take the bomb and blow up the objective in the enemy's base. The bomb carrier can fire his weapons, but his position will be announced periodically throughout the game. Also, unlike Search and Destroy, players will have unlimited respawns as opposed to just one per round. Kill: 10 points

One of the most point-gaining gametypes available, where elite players can average over 500 points per game. When the game starts, don't charge at the bomb. Move around the map and flank the enemy force. Once taken out you are free to take the bomb and charge at the enemy base. But remember, teamwork is required to get to the base and you have a BIG RED INDICATOR on top of your head. If time runs out and the bomb is not planted, Sabotage turns into a Search and Destroy game, see the notes below for more information on SnD.

  • Headquarters - A radio spawns somewhere on the map. Your goal is to capture the radio for your team. If Team A captures the radio, they must defend it from being destroyed by Team B. Team A will only have one respawn until the radio is destroyed or the max time limit for the radio is reached. Team B will respawn at set intervals. Team earns points for every second the radio is held. To capture/destroy a radio, you must stand in the area of the radio. The more players, the faster you destroy it. A new radio spawns when time limit is reached or the radio is destroyed. Kill: 5 Points

Definitely the gametype that gives you the most points. Several reasons; when your team has th HQ, you get 5 points every seconds, you can get lots and lots of kills, HQ is played on maps like Shipment, and many many more reasons. Any selection of perks and weapons will work in Headquarters. When unlocked, you should always use Martyrdom. You should also play as much Headquarters as possible.

  • Search and Destroy - Much like Counter-Strike's bomb planting mode, there are two teams: attackers and defenders. Attackers try to plant a bomb at one of two bomb sites, and defenders try to defend the bomb sites. If explosives are planted, defenders must defuse them. Players DO NOT RESPAWN. A round is over when all players on one team are killed, or when the bomb explodes or is defused. Kill: 50 points.

One of my favourite gametypes, the class Attackers and Defenders playlist, where one team of 6 spawn with the bomb on one side of the map and attempt to plant it at 3 (some times 2) possible locations. Be warned, if you get killed, you DO NOT RESPAWN. You will have to watch other players and pray that your team will win. Your team must win 4 rounds to win the match. After three rounds, it is Half Time, and the Defenders and Attackers swap roles. At 4-4, it is Overtime, and the next round winner wins. Players should choose perks and weapons carefully. Always use a suppressor on a weapon and use UAV Jammer. You may choose to use Claymores as Perk 1 or Frag x3. For Perk 3, try Last Stand or Martyrdom. See what weapons suit you the best, and stick with it. For example, the MP5 with a silencer, Claymores x2, UAV Jammer, and Martyrdom is my setup. I have one over 80% of my Search and Destroy matches with this setup.

  • Team Tactical - Small Team Deathmatch, Headquarters, Domination, and Search & Destroy. Players: 4 - 6. Score limit: 500 points. Kill: Depends on game type.

Best played with friends, and keep in contact over private chat. Stick together and coordinate attacks and offensives. For example, when I play with my cousin, one of us always goes sniper, and one of us always goes assault. Another setup we use is both the same gun and UAV Jammer on. We assault the same building together, etc...

  • Hardcore Team Deathmatch - Same as Team Deathmatch except weapon damage is increased and all of the HUD is removed. This is for the expert players that want to look for a harder challenge.

Exactly the same as Team Deathmatch, just with one major difference. No Radar (only when UAV Recon is enabled), Friendly fire is on, and kills are a lot easier to rack up. You should use Stopping Power to make sure you get the kill first in a 1 vs 1 firefight. DO NOT use Martyrdom, as their is always the chance you will kill your own teammate. Try Last Stand instead, because the pistol will do a lot more damage. For Perk 1, try using Claymores.

  • Hardcore Search and Destroy - Same as Search and Destroy except weapon damage is increased and all of the HUD is removed. This is for the expert players that want to look for a harder challenge.

Exactly the same as Search and Destroy, just with one major difference. No Radar (only when UAV Recon is enabled), Friendly fire is on, and kills are a lot easier to rack up. You should use Stopping Power to make sure you get the kill first in a 1 vs 1 firefight. Use Search and Destroy equipment described above, but DO NOT use Martyrdom, as you may kill your own teammate. No respawning either.

  • Old School - Free for all, increased health, increased jump, no starting weapons or perks, only pickups.

THE old school playlist. This game mode is reminiscent of the Unreal series and (to a lesser extent) Halo. You pick up weapons and perks that are scattered around the map, and you start with a Skorpion SMG.

  • Cage Match - 1v1 deathmatches.

This gametype is sometimes deemed 'cheap', as many players will use this to get in a game with their friends to boost for challenges. However, if you do get in a game with a serious competitor, use UAV Jammer, Claymores and Martyrdom. No need for a suppressed weapon, instead, use a weapon you know you're good at. First to 10 kills wins.


Setups ('Builds')


There are many possible setups you can use. Be sure to check out recommendations from other people as well as experimenting with yourself.


Here are a couple of mine:




Weapon: Any Assault Rifle with Red Dot Sight

Sidearm: Desert Eagle (or the best pistol you have)

Grenades: Frag, Stun

Perk 1: RPG-7 x2

Perk 2: Stopping Power

Perk 3: Martyrdom


'Spray and Pray'


Weapon: Any LMG with ACOG Scope

Sidearm: Desert Eagle (or the best pistol you have)

Grenades: Frag, Stun

Perk 1: RPG-7 x2

Perk 2: Stopping Power

Perk 3: Martyrdom




Weapon: Any SMG with a silencer

Sidearm: M9 with silencer (note that I do not use a Desert Eagle)

Grenades: Frag, Smoke

Perk 1: Claymores x2

Perk 2: Stopping Power

Perk 3: Last Stand




Weapon: Any Sniper Rifle

Sidearm: Desert Eagle

Grenades: Frag, Stun

Perk 1: Claymores x2

Perk 2: Stopping Power

Perk 3: Iron Lungs


'Search and Destroy'


Weapon: MP5 with Suppressor

Sidearm: M9 with Suppressor

Grenades: Frags, Smoke

Perk 1: Frag x3

Perk 2: Stopping Power

Perk 3: Martyrdom


'Heavy Gunner' (Submitted by Dan Paranoir)


Weapon: RPD (Grip)

Sidearm: Desert Eagle (or the best pistol you have)

Grenades: Frag, Smoke

Perk 1: - (you can not choose one because of the Grip)

Perk 2: Stopping Power

Perk 3: Deep Impact


'Covert Ops' (Submitted by Dan Paranoir)


Weapon: MP5 (Silencer)

Sidearm: Desert Eagle

Grenades: Frag, Flash

Perk 1: Bomb Squad

Perk 2: UAV Jammer

Perk 3: Dead Silence

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Really nice guide, i enjoyed reading it. One suggestions from my side as a long-term player. Maybe give some more insights in Weapon/Perk Combinations for various situations. What is fun to play, what needs more skill, and so on... I think it would be quite nice to read some of this as well even for the more expierenced players. :)

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Good guide really put some effort in to it well done. But this will only help people that are way behind and have only just got the game most of the players already know all of this. Dont get me wrong really good posts but its nothing i dont already know. Should of been created when people were still getting to grips with the game. Kind of a waste of a good effort

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Good guide really put some effort in to it well done. But this will only help people that are way behind and have only just got the game most of the players already know all of this. Dont get me wrong really good posts but its nothing i dont already know. Should of been created when people were still getting to grips with the game. Kind of a waste of a good effort



I take it you are one of those 'elite' CoD4 players. But you have to take into account how many people have just started CoD4 or are new to it.

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great guide!! for new players. also i thought i might shoot out a pointer. You only mention as far as i saw, 3 guns that can be painted with gold. That is from what i saw so i may be mistaken. But for new players you might want to add the other 3 weapons that can have gold.

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Once earned, these this air support can be used instantly, or reserved for use later in the game-even after the player that earned them dies. But say you get an Airstrike, and don't use it, die, then get 3 kills, you will lose it, and get the UAV.


When you say reserve the airstrike, you mean just dont use it or do I have to hit some button to save it?



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I thought that i post maybe one or two of my setups to explain what i mean by setups and how to use them. Please be aware that these are just suggestions and i am not telling anyone what to do or what it the best in my opinion. This are personal opinions. If you do not like them, fair enough.


Be aware that with this setup and some skill you will be a bullet magnet. People with shotguns will hunt you down and Sniper will be on the lookout for you.


"Heavy Gunner" Build


Weapon: RPD (Grip)

Sidearm: Desert Eagle (or the best pistol you have)

Grenades: Frag, Smoke

Perk 1: - (you can not choose one because of the Grip)

Perk 2: Stopping Power

Perk 3: Deep Impact


Best Gametypes for this build:

Team Deathmatch

Mercenary Team Deathmatch


Ground War



Hardcore Team Deathmatch (only for advanced players)



You will be really good at medium to long range. Every map that gives you the possibility to shot long range should be your kingdom. The Grip will give you an unbelievable ammount of accuracy on long range as long as you know how to use this weapon proberly. Short controlled bursts is the most important fact to remember with this setup.


The recoil is not to strong when you use short controlled bursts. On long range targets do not aim for the head. Instaed aim directly for the chest with a controlled burst of two or three bullets per target. The small recoil over long range has the effect that the second or third bullet is a little bit higher and most of the time result in a headshot.


A lot of people do not properly understand what Deep Impact even does. All weapons have the default ability to shoot through different surfaces like doors, wood or even concrete walls, but with Deep Impact more bullets go through and they are a lot more powerful when they come out on the other side. So i would actually say that Deep Impact is one of the better perks for a heavy gunner especially in combination with Stopping Power and definetly a lot more useful then Steady Aim on long range.


Never run up front. Let the Assault guys do the jobs to clear houses or to run around a corner. Provide cover at long range or penetrate house's from the outside for support. The team will thank you for it that they can advance without the fear that an enemy jumps in there back.


Be sure that you know what you do if you get into fight's with sniper. Most of all Snipers on the XBox 360 Version of the Game are totaly useless. Always be on the move and look for cover that you can use for your advantage. If you see a sniper take the shot as soon as possible to kill him. Most of them are still busy with aiming when they get shot.


If you have bad luck and the sniper knows what he is doing, you are dead. Should you survive or not go into fights with Sniper at all, use your Smoke and advance into another direction or wait for the enemy to do the same. Also the team will thank you for it. Smoke is one of the most underastimated tools in Multiplayer (same with Flash and Stun).


Only reload when you are sure about it that you will survive. 90% of all my death's are a result based on the fact that i decided to reload my weapon at the wrong time. This is the typical reaction that everyone does when coming from an Assault Rifle build. You don't have to reload after each kill. It is possible to have a nice killstreak of ten to fiveten people without having to reload once. Search for cover or make sure that you get covered from some teammembers. Always switch to your Deagle first and then look for cover to reload. Reloading takes a long time with the RPD.


Last but not least one or two more words about how to use your sprint. Only use it if you have to escape a dangerous situation like Grenades or Air Strikes. NEVER use it to advance from one position to the other. You carry a very heavy weapon and can not sprint for long and then you stand in the middle of a grenade field and can not get out anymore.

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You can choose to use it later tactically, eg: when a headquarters is out in the open and the enemy team is capturing it. This will guarantee some kills.


cool, thanks for the info. all this time, i was rushing to use it before dying. i thought i had to build up to 5 again. nice to know i can use if i die beforehand and also, just get two more kills and call in a helicopter.



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