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any1 have have this for pc?

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Hey guys, ive got this for pc, the only achievements I need are the online ones and the 50mill drift, if we can get 6ppl together we could rinse all online achievements in a day (if they work, I still cant get the DNA or trader achievements to unlock)

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Just got it too ;) Thanks to steam xmas deal


For boosting : Tryum


Nevermind, there are too much glitches in this f****ing game ... started 3 carreers, I never managed to get the 2 firts achievements :s

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I'm looking for some players to do the "Live" achievements.

The best thing we can do is to create a grp of 4.


I'll very happy to find some to boost this game.






My gt - sadolino




im up for it. gt - Calib3r09

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