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A lot better than I thought. Definitely 7 but yes too short, they should give you more time to train up your character. Also I think sneak mode is very fun in this game but it could have been made better. I think if they took a little inspiration from oblivion into this game it would have been a bit better.

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I say 7. Too bad it won't sell enough to justify a sequel though. With a few things fixed, like the aiming/facing, the automatic jumping of obstacles whether you want to or not, and it's length, the sequel would definitely be a close to 'A' rated game.


A lot of fun, but could not in good conscience recommend the game as a buy, not when there is so much out now. Definitely rent it & see if it's your tastes ( I did, and went out and bought a used copy ), or wait to pick it up later used.

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definitely those issues JayMax mentioned, and the combat system is not up to par either. they were trying to copy God of War's, but it didnt turn out that way.


if they made the combat more like say, Assassins Creed, that would be awesome. i could easily take on 15-20 enemies at once in AC, and come out fine, cause the combat was so fluid and well done. the counter attack move fucking owned in that game.


i would say if they fixed those minor issues, made the combat system better and also made it so you could command a small group of Viking allies normally through the game (when you are free roaming, not in a large battle) to help you out, the game would be well worthy of a 9-10 out of 10.

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I am actually pretty please with this buy so far. It is simplistic in nature for a lot of it, but that is, to me, what makes the game fun to play. I'm enjoying it quite a lot. Some issues bug, and I need to master more moves and what not, but, yeah, considering a lot of garbage that gets made that tries to resemble this kind of game, I'd say this one is more of the top tier.

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