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Achievement Trading Thread [EU Version]


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Kurgan, you should set it up so that your xbox live gamercard malarky is under your name, just a little opinion ;D



Yeah, sounds like a good idea. I'm available pretty much whenever. Doubt it'd take long to get Devils in the Details, Surviving the Game and One Gun is Enough. If we can find a fourth perhaps? And we'll all negotiate a time and date? Sooner the better obviously.

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Yeah lol ill send you a fr CuppaChoc is in and he back thursday night so it will hopefully be then:


1: me


3:edd_______ (zigs00)



will be doin the billion thing aswell if it works out ok and as for the DLC not sure I aint downloaded it yet not sure if its worth the 600 points...

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Yeah, sorry for not replying, am away and my remote access in hotel hasn't worked until tonight. Am back tomorrow night and up for the DLC achieves from about 8-8:30pm onwards.


Not sure I fancy being in the long haul for the Billion, but perhaps give it a try for 1 night and see how much we make.

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