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The Official Liberty City Minute Thread


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Liberty City Minute

You finished the story in less than 30 hours


Did you get the achievement and want to brag about your time?


Did you just miss out and need a hug?


Are you half way through and want to know if you are on target?


Ask anything you want relating to this achievement

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i was surprised i got it tbh, i also didnt think the game was that hard to complete, ive only have a xbox a few weeks, and really enjoyed GTA IV, but was surprised when i had completed it in just over 26 hours...also had time to do some other achievements aswell, but i did escape out of the cutscenes as i am to impatient to watch them lol...

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21-22 hours for me, and that was with some mucking about earlier on playing mini games.


when you put your mind to it and skip journeys you can rinse through it quick.


i even made the stupid decision at the end resulting in an extra four missions.


edit: at first i thought i'd get it on my second playthrough but then i thought about it and decided i may as well get as many points as possible instead and the chances of me playing through it again are very low


theres just too many new games coming out all the time to waste 20 hours or so replaying a game.

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Got the achievement on my first playthrough



I wasn't particularly bothered about it at first, but then completely blitzed the last 20 missions giving me a time of 29 hours 30 minutes. It was a close call, but at least i dont have to rush through it agiain skipping cut scenes etc, didnt skip a single one and still got the time ^_^


Go me!!



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I missed it by 2hours :( i wasnt a happy bunny but at the same time i had a blast messing around with bits and bobs. I shall be replaying it at least another 2 times, 1 to get the achievement and another to fully lap up the storyline

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it's not that people have problems with it - it's that they chose to do other things rather than rush from the off.


I've got about 54 missions done and I'm like 12 hours into it. I've been messing around and taking Brucie drinking a lot lately as well. Gonna work on my last two friends while doing story missions.


Chojin, who's the babe in your avatar??

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I didnt even look at the achievements when I first got the game. I just messed around for a while as I'm sure many people did then saw this achievement and went for it. Clocked in at 29:55:18. Crazy close.

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just because you speed-run it doesn't mean you can't get continue with that game and 100% it...


rather than start all over...


that'd give you a 'fun' playthrough and one for speed? no?


@VGA o0EVIL0o - Leah Dizon


So I've got a pretty good shot at getting Liberty City Minute, yeah??


54 missions done 12:24 playtime.


After googling her, that chick is smokin hot by the way. ;)

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I got it on 27 hours and 30 minuetes or so. I was also maucking around doing a fair bit of side missions etc so I think that it is possible to get it waaay less than that. Overall I thought this was a pretty easy achievement to get.

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